крем лифтингMost cosmetic companies sell products, which, according to them, tightens the skin and makes it elastic. Such statements sound quite convincing, but in fact it turns out that this is not entirely wrong. And it’s not that all these creams do not have a beneficial effect on the skin, but that is often the cream lifting is not as good in its composition, as claimed by the manufacturers.


That contain creams lifting?

крем лифтингRemember that no cream lifting will not give the same results as medical cosmetic proceduressuch as dermal fillers, laser or plastic surgery.

For the elasticity of the skin in our body is responsible elastin, the connective protein that connects the collagen and other elements of our body, such as fat, cartilage, muscle and so on. When the damaged elastin, our skin begins to SAG, just as the springs of the mattress are damaged, and the mattress sags. This sagging together with harmful sunlight makes our skin like crepe paper.

At the beginning of our life, namely in early childhood, the skin produces a lot of elastin and Mature skin it almost does not produce at all. In addition, elastin may break down under the influence of the sun’s harmful rays. Adult skin is practically not able to produce more elastin, even with the help of medical procedures.

Most creams rhytidectomy is a waste of money, because they do not contain ingredients that can actually tighten the skin and make it elastic.

The lifting creams contain collagen or elastin, but they can’t connect with collagen or elastin in your skin. The size of the molecules such elastin or collagen are too large to penetrate beneath the surface of the skin.

When you buy a lifting creams that promise to tighten your skin, the effect from them entirely from components such as film-forming substances. These substances form a layer of film on the skin surface, the skin appears suppler. This effect is temporary and does not give a noticeable tightening of the skin, but nevertheless, many women are buying these creams for the sake of such a fleeting effect. Whatever it was, but the feeling that your skin is lifted and when it actually becomes such – these are two different things.


Simple rules

If you really want your skin to remain firm and elastic, follow these simple rules:

  • Collagen will not be able to return sagging skin to its former elasticity, but at least he will not aggravate her condition. So your skin will get enough collagen, use products for skin care that contains powerful antioxidants and regenerating the skin ingredients.
  • As sunlight destroys elastin and collagen, every day do not forget to use protection from the sun not only for arms and shoulders, but also for the face and neck. Very often we forget to apply sunscreen on your neck, so many women have the skin on the neck looks older than her face.
  • To help keep the skin taut can regular use of scrubs containing salicylic or glycolic acid. Rather, if you will use the funds with one of these acids or periodically change them.
  • Vitamin a, also called retinol, can also maintain elasticity of the skin by applying it to the surface. There is even the results of studies that show that retinol promotes the development of elastin. Therefore, apply vitamin a on the skin every night before going to sleep.
  • Medical procedures for tightening the skin and restore its elasticity give very good results. So if you need to tidy up sagging skin, then ask for help from a beautician who will offer you a suitable medical procedure.

If all the above remedies do not help you to cope with the problem of sagging skin, think about plastic surgery.


Components of lifting cream

крем лифтингIf you are still not ready for plastic surgery and think you can try to start creams lifting, try to find the most effective cream. Don’t believe those manufacturers who claim that part of their creams vitamins, antioxidants and other nutrients will be enough to restore skin elasticity and tighten it. Instead, look for creams with rich content peptides, stem cells and other components that can affect the production of elastin.

In addition, in creams and rhytidectomy should go elastin and collagen, keratin (which stimulates the production of these two elements).

Many creams for tightening the skin contain substances that fight cellulite. These creams are composed of caffeine, which removes excess moisture from the dermis; retinol, which helps produce collagen, l-carnitine, which improves metabolism and green tea that improves skin elasticity.

Another component, which is included in creams rhytidectomy is coenzyme Q10. He is able to act at the cellular level, penetrating deep into the skin and entering in the fight against free radicals. It also reduces the harmful ultraviolet rays on the skin.

Also in creams for tightening the skin may include fruit extracts. They provide the skin more nutrition, which helps to control oil production. The lifting creams can contain seaweed wakame, which increase the production of elastin and collagen and make the skin elastic. Good lifting cream should also contain vitamins (a, C, E), struggling with aging skin as well as SPF of at least 15 and softeners to moisturize the skin.

Please note that some creams lifts can contain chemicals that dry the skin and cause irritation. So try not to buy creams that have parabens, mineral oil, alcohol, dioxane and any flavorings.

If you are prone to allergies, choose a lifting creams with all natural ingredients.

Do not forget to pay attention to the label of the cream, which usually indicate for which part of the body is designed this cream. Creams lifts are for skin tightening of the face, shoulders, buttocks, back of thighs, abdomen and other things.

Among the most popular creams rhytidectomy include the following:

  • Cream for ultra smooth skin Estee Lauder Resilience Lift Extreme
  • Cream Repairwear Uplifting
  • Cream Advanced Dermatology Deep Firming Skin Quench
  • Cream for tightening skin around the eyes Guerlain’abeille Royale Up-Lifting Eye Care
  • Night lifting cream Olay Night of Olay Firming Cream
  • Night cream for skin tightening Olay Total Effects Night Firming Cream
  • Night cream lifting Avon Hydrofirming Night Cream

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