For anybody not a secret that for many men beautiful women handle indicative of grooming. Therefore, the representatives of the most beautiful parts of humanity dedicate lots of time to ensure that their nails have always been in excellent condition. Moreover, in order to bring the nail in order optional weekly visit expensive salons. Take care of handles can be in the home, the main thing to take into account some rules that will help to make yourself a great manicure.
Основные этапы домашнего маникюра.
In the first place for a perfect manicure need a good nail file. The lucky ladies with strong nails, you can use a metal pilotscale, but the owners of brittle nails is better to buy for yourself a glass nail file. Currently great interest the ladies is the directory Oriflame, where you can find a lot of cosmetic accessories, which will help to achieve the perfect manicure. It should also be noted that this directory ensures the quality of all their goods. And, of course, we must mention the low prices that are able to impress any lady.
Experts recommend to cut the nails in a dry condition. Otherwise there is a risk that the nail will begin to delaminate. During sawing all motions must be submitted strictly in one direction.
Основные этапы домашнего маникюра.2
Then using a special polisher can give Shine to the nails. The polisher has about 4 Panamericana working surfaces. Based on these figures, it’s easy to understand which surfaces should start.

The next step is the removal of the cuticle. Before you start removal, cuticle it is necessary to moisten a special liquid. Experts recommend this method of removing the cuticle.
Основные этапы домашнего маникюра.3
Next, using a special iron tongs to get rid of burrs. It is desirable to have a good steam handles in the bath with sea salt.
After all the work done, you can cover the nail varnish.

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