The most coveted and at the same time the long-awaited day in every girl’s life requires paying attention to many details to make the wedding a fairy tale. The dress, the guests, the makeup, the machine and definitely a beautiful pen of the bride. On this day they will attract the attention of many eyes, therefore, should be gentle and well-groomed. The softness and smoothness of them will provide moisturizer and a hydrating mask used daily for two weeks to the perfect event. But the jewel of handles in addition to gold ring is a design of nails.
Варианты свадебного маникюра
Every bride wants to be unique, to realize the dream, to preserve their identity, and wedding here is the perfect opportunity to hint to others about their wildest expectations. Some wish to turn into a Princess, choosing Quinceanera dresses, limousine. Others aim for maximum simplicity, brevity. Neat nails complete any of the selected images, so do not neglect caring attitude.

Classic wedding manicure is to apply clear varnish on the nail oval. The length of the nail should not exceed 5 mm, so as not to distract the hero of the occasion in a variety of unpleasant things. For those who want to add to your life paint, transparent varnish is successfully replaced with a colour delicate pastel shades. Reliable companion of the wedding dress is and French manicure.
свадебный маникюр 4
For everyone who loves luxury, pomp, designers offer to put on your nails picture, repeating the main theme outfit. The main condition is not to draw attention to the nails, and to emphasize the harmony of the image, where every small detail. You need to be prepared for the fact that it will take several attempts to determine the ideal option. Volumetric design of the nail is even more original way of expression. In this case, make an appointment with the wizard it is recommended that just before the wedding ceremony, because volumetric manicure is extremely fragile. In hectic wedding decoration easy it is to lose, to eliminate a nuisance they should contact the professional who works exclusively with high quality materials.

Regardless of design wedding manicure should be graceful, soothing tones. The shape of nails and jewellery should be chosen so that in any case not to snag the outfit.

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