макияж под синее платьеBlue color is very popular for everyday outfits, and social outputs. If you love and wear blue, you may have in the wardrobe of beautiful dress in this color long evening in the floor, a short cocktail or summer of the flying translucent fabric with floral or other prints. The makeup for blue dress should match the image and blend in with the color type, otherwise there is a risk to make an appearance either too bright, or create a makeup that will look at the background of beautiful dresses dull and expressionless. The best examples of makeup will tell outputs celebrities, makeup artists that know how to enhance the beauty and to maintain a saturated shade of the dress.


Liv Tyler: icy beauty

макияж под синее платье Лив ТайлерLiv Tyler is the owner of bright color type “Snow white” with porcelain skin and dark hair. Such women can do bright makeup, but if the color of the dress is moderately intense, it will be unnecessary.

The color of the dress and shiny texture of the fabric dictate more calm cool makeup, which I Liv made to all the same icy blue tones.

Cheekbones barely touched transparent pinkish blush, lips natural pink color, and her eyes are surrounded by their own, the blue haze in the form of moderate equipment Smokey eyes. There isn’t any clear rough lines, the black color, which could Agrovit image. Eye color, eye shadow and dresses are in absolute harmony.


Dianna Agron: bright freshness of an image

макияж под синее платье Дианна АгронDianna Agron has a soft exterior is a warm color type – Golden blonde hair and square-olive eyes. These girls are often not recommended to go out in clothes and make-up in the cold range, but it is possible if and outfit, and makeup will be each other’s support.

The Royal blue color of the dress perfectly with blue-turquoise shadows that mark the entire outline of the eyes, and lush eyelashes. With this makeup, with the emphasis between the cold color of the shadows and dresses and warm tone, eyes and hair, it is preferable not to touch cheeks blush, because there is a risk to make a variety of opinions, which will disturb the harmony in the makeup. The skin should be natural and radiant.


Jessica Alba: Latin diva

макияж под синее платье Джессика АльбаJessica Alba soft Latin American appearance, she is not passionate accent “Italian winter” and more neutral warm color type. To this appearance in harmony with a rich blue hue of the dress, the makeup artist Jessica moved accent color on the lips, leaving eye makeup eyelashes marked, but without contrast underscores century.

Carrot tint lip fits perfectly into the image and is combined with natural olive skin actress. Dark brown eyes look even more impressive because of the arrows in retro style on the upper eyelid and very long eyelashes. Refreshes the image, making it less dramatic, a bit of highlighter in the inner corner of the eye. Blush with expressive pigment in this case.


Amanda Seyfred: natural femininity

макияж под синее платье Аманда СайфредWith Amanda Seyfred natural blonde hair with ashy tint, light skin and light green, almost transparent eyes. Shade dresses of the actress selected perfectly bright, but not dark and too saturated, and makeup to set it to the perfect – slightly supportive dress and image in General.

Makeup by Amanda no bright accents, but natural and very discreet about it. Eyes outlined with thin blue liner with a moderate gloss, eyelashes painted a natural mascara, and lips are underlined lipstick soft light coral shade that blends perfectly with the tone of the face.


Taylor swift: guest from the future

макияж под синее платье Тейлор СвифтThe Taylor swift unusual dress bright blue color in a futuristic style. For such dresses will be the right makeup, and makeup artist singer made the focus on the eyes. Eye makeup is very bright, even harsh, but completely in the style of the image.

The eye is completely outlined with a dark liner, matched the longest artificial eyelashes with expressive bending and lush texture. Such eye makeup attracts thick bangs to the eyebrows. You can also paint the eyes are so expressive, if you like bangs.

Lipstick frosty pink lipstick, but not vulgar, but rather a classic shade without extra lights.


Jessica Chastain: red Fox

макияж под синее платье Джессика ЧестейнRedheaded women are very bright blue, and sin not to wear a beautiful blue dress for social events. With makeup, you should be careful, because bright eyes with eye-catching shadows can cause confusion in this way. Makeup artist Jessica made the right choice stopped on only one accent pursed his lips juicy and expressive. Eyes emphasized by the arrows in retro style, almost invisible eyebrows, and the skin flawless porcelain.

If you have similar kind of look and natural rusty color, try not to experiment with colored shadows to the blue dress. The hair in this way by themselves, bright accent, so you should not place them in large quantities.


January Jones: calm beauty

макияж под синее платье Дженьюари ДжонсSecular image of the actress, January Jones fully consistent with the type of classic Hollywood blonde with Golden curls. But her dress is not saturated blue, it’s blue, and it is impossible not to take into account, when choosing makeup.

Makeup actress made in a restrained retro style: naturally accentuated eyebrows, dark arrow on the upper eyelid, long, natural lashes and a beautiful mouth, accentuated by the subtle, but expressive lipstick warm coral shade. Cheeks are lightly underlined peach shadows. This is the perfect way for fans of retro-style, but not overly conspicuous by its authenticity.

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