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The metabolic diet is a system of power, which will help even those who have already decided that the extra weight is a sentence for life. If you tried all the possible ways, and each time another attempt to lose weight is a fiasco, then you need to think about the hormones. These “grey cardinals” manage all processes in the body, including weight reduction process and, conversely, the accumulation of extra pounds.

If you know what hormones are and how it affects weight loss, you can easily understand the essence of the diet. And it consists in suppressing the production of hormones that increase fat stores, and activation of the opposite – fat burn. And will help in most conventional products. Extreme restriction is not required, the weight slowly (0.5-1 kg per week), but for a long time. This technique is very well suited for young mums who have hormones after childbirth is still unstable.

The stages of the metabolic diet

You have to go through 3 stages. Calorie control is not required, it is necessary to consider only the points from 0 to 4. For this purpose there is a special product table below. Still have to comply with diet, but it is not burdensome. On the day there are five not very impressive meals. If done correctly, the results of the wait itself will not.

Step 1. Shifted from the “dead spots”. Two weeks are going to eat food with zero points, drinking water, vitamins and eat a tablespoon of flax or olive oil daily. If there is a weakness, dizziness, tinnitus, then drink sweet tea. You can immediately start with the second stage, and if you have a chronic illness, it is even necessary.

Step 2. The stabilization. The duration of this period of weight loss depends on the amount of fat. Continue losing weight until the desired weight plus another week or two (for redundancy). In each meal you can eat the products of the corresponding group or combine, but not to exceed the limit. Serving 200-300 grams. Points in the meal will depend on the time of day:

  • 8-10 hours – 4 points;
  • 11-12 hours – 2 points;
  • 14-15 hours – 2 points;
  • 17-18 hours bull;
  • 19-20 hours – 0 points.

The hormone diet can not be moved and to combine meals, skip and add points to the next. If the meal accidentally missed your points expire.

Step 3. “Repetition is the mother of learning”. Ideally, metabolic nutrition at this stage we need to respect all life. This is a fully balanced diet. Dinner remains unchanged. Other meals (choose any) should be added gradually at 1 point and follow the arrow on the scale. As soon as she swung in a big way, the number immediately diminish. Thus, you will be able to calculate your optimal diet.

Table products for hormone diet

0 points:

  • rabbit meat, Turkey or chicken(breast);
  • seafood, lean fish;
  • eggs in any form,
  • any low-fat dairy products, cheese;
  • greens, assorted vegetables, canned green peas;
  • algae, fresh, frozen, or pickled mushrooms;
  • garlic, green onions,
  • vinegar, grape and Apple;
  • spices, horseradish, mustard;
  • fruits – lemon, lime;
  • powder protein;
  • powdered cellulose.

1 point:

  • vegetable juices;
  • kidney beans;
  • beans;
  • all types of berries.

2 points:

  • diet lean meat;
  • offal;
  • all kinds of vegetable oils;
  • dairy products up to 4% of fat content;
  • buckwheat, brown rice, oat flakes;
  • cheese and feta cheese;
  • avocado, black olives, green olives;
  • roots boiled carrots, beets;
  • bread with bran;
  • unsweetened fruit.

3 points:

  • muesli, wheat;
  • sweet yogurt with berries and fruits;
  • all kinds of cheeses, including fused;
  • fresh corn and canned;
  • natural chocolate with a high cocoa content;
  • juices from fruits.

4 points:

  • all alcoholic drinks and sweet drinks;
  • fatty meats, lard;
  • fatty, more than 4%, dairy products;
  • boiled and smoked sausage, ham;
  • canned fish with the addition of oil;
  • semolina, flour and bread them;
  • cakes, pastries;
  • juices with sugar, dried fruits;
  • potato chips;
  • condensed milk, refined sugar, honey;
  • the mayonnaise.

Make a menu for the week with the simplest recipes

A nice feature of the metabolic diet is the lack of a clear menu. Food choices are unlimited, so the scope for culinary activities is extensive. Food options are many, the main thing – not to exceed the number of points and the serving size (Cup). Not to be perplexed about what to cook, here are a few examples. Use your fantasy and enjoy a delicious meal that destroys fat stores.

Meals in 4 points:

  • semolina porridge or oatmeal with berries;
  • hash with chicken breast or sausage;
  • potato gratin with mushrooms;
  • vegetable salad with mayonnaise;
  • cheesecake or cheesecakes.

No less delicious on 3 points:

  • crab salad with corn;
  • millet porridge with baked fish and vegetables;
  • muesli with low fat yogurt or yogurt;
  • steam cutlets Turkey fillet with cheese.

Give yourself 2 points:

  • vegetable salad with feta cheese and olives;
  • sauteed chicken livers with carrots;
  • avocado salad with greens;
  • a fruit salad.

1 point is good too:

  • vegetable stew with beans;
  • low-fat yogurt or yogurt with berries;
  • sautéed green beans with eggs and greens;
  • tablespoon fat with vegetable juice.

And, finally, 0 of points:

  • seafood cocktail;
  • salad with green peas and seaweed;
  • scrambled eggs with tomatoes;
  • cheese with herbs.

As you can see, the menu can make a full, tasty and varied. The only possible obstacle in the use of hormonal methods – pregnancy. So for your own peace of mind pre-talk with your doctor about the advisability of such a diet. Strenuous exercise to achieve the good effect is not required, and light exercise, for example, one type of gymnastics is welcome.


Olga, 35 years. After childbirth and lactation lose weight at separate meals, not eating after 6 PM – all in vain. A friend revealed the secret that the metabolic diet helped her lose 10 kg in 3 months. Decided to try it. The first three months were used, so I just lost 4 lbs. Now he was into it, even like it, six months have gone 16 kg. In my opinion, great!

Jeanne 40 years. This is the best of all the diets that I’ve tried. I often eat even less than you. Hunger no longer exists. For 3 months I lost 8 kg Appeared ease and good humor, began to move more, and this physical activity I in joy.


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