Contemporary dance, popularly just контемп – it’s a dance-theatre, motion which is based on the demonstration of state of the soul and inner feelings of a person. Movement in this dance – awakening of thoughts, feelings and inner world of dancing.
As contemporary dance? First of all, contemporary is the art of dance and theatrical direction, which has an unusual and unique, even the original style of dance. This style is absorbed quite a lot of dance culture of the Western world, classical dance, jazz, jazz and modern) of the cultural traditions of the East (Chi kung, yoga). In other words, контемп is the new modern style of dance, which can go beyond the established forms and technical stereotypes.

Dancing, contemporary, one finds the freedom of the senses, soothe your soul, because this style is flight, variations without restrictions, but subject to the highest performance culture. Clothing should be loose goes Jersey or pants for break dance.

It is impossible to Contemporary dance without contact with his soul, without the ability to perceive and feel their spiritual world, and without the desire to open other their feelings and experiences. Контемп is the recompense of the internal wealth of his soul around people.
Conductors with the finding of the dance art contemporary become integrated yoga, principles of meditation, stretch classes, working with the energy potential of the person. Such practices and lessons, learn to know and to feel their inner world, to Express their emotions with the help of dance. Important moment in the process of learning контемпу is improvisation, only improvising, you can pass a feature of those or other feelings. Before the training, select the appropriate dance club, the instructor and the group, appropriate clothing!

Fun and enjoy your learning success on the dance field!

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