Самые красивые свадебные платья знаменитостейHello.

Wedding is a long-awaited event not only for the couple but also for their relatives and guests. Well, when the main characters of the wedding are two celebrities, guests, and let absentee, dream to visit millions of their fans.

And, of course, all eyes on the famous weddings confined only to the newlyweds, and for the most part to the bride and her wedding garment. Therefore, public ladies have to scrupulous about his choice.

Kate Middleton

In the first place unconditionally you can put the wedding dress Kate Middleton. Her outfit created by Sarah Burton, captivated by all who saw it. By the way, Kate herself participated in the process of creating this wonderful dress.

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Katie Holmes

The actress herself admitted that she dreamed about such a dress in which she appeared before the others at his own wedding. Before chic dress from Armani, which is decorated with crystals Swarovski, indeed, hard to resist.

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Princess Diana

This dress can be attributed to the cult’s wedding dress. Wedding Diana was chosen luxurious satin dress, with a shade of ivory and with colorful embroidered with precious stones. In addition to this majestic along was to use a multilayer veil and diamond tiara, which was recognized as the most expensive wedding head ornament for the whole human history.

Melanie Кнаусс

Billionaire Donald trump was manifested boundless generosity. He let his bride to make a choice in favor of the world’s most expensive wedding dress. Model Melanie Кнаусс not able to resist the magnificent dress by Dior, which cost about one hundred thousand dollars. This is a gorgeous wedding dress trimmed with beautiful diamonds. There were rumours that his weight a little short to twelve pounds. This feature, however, does not detract from the uniqueness of this stellar dresses.

Мелани Кнаусс

To wedding dresses celebrity, which drew great interest and attention, you can also include outfits Victoria Beckham, Elizabeth Hurley, Avril Lavigne, Dita von Teese, Jackie Onassis (Jacqueline Kennedy), grace Kelly and many other star brides. However, not in all cases, even the presence of elegant wedding dresses could bring happiness in the family life of their owner.

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