самые частые ошибки макияжаWhether you’re a beginner in the art of makeup or have the dock, no one is immune from a wrong step. The most common mistakes of makeup are considered unforgivable.


The complexion

The most common mistake – using too dark Foundation. As a result, you carrot complexion or the effect of the wax mask, a clear distinction between the neck and the face. You must pick the excellent shade of Foundation.

It is not necessary to use a powder for contouring face as blush. This kind of powder is used in order to emphasize the shadow areas of the face like the hollows of your cheeks. For cheeks choose a peachy, coral or pink blush that will give the face freshness.

To the Council on the use of deodorant for grinding of the face should be treated with extreme caution. This is a very bad idea. Deodorant contains certain components that regulate the sweating, but its formula is not suitable for the face. In this case it is better to use loose powder.


Eye makeup

As for eye makeup, do not abuse sequins and paillettes.

You should be careful with the eye shadow. Glitter eye shadow makes the eyes even more thin, which can only emphasize wrinkles. It is better to choose matte eye shadow.

Mixing colors that don’t blend together, you risk looking very tired, dull and lifeless skin.

It is not necessary to work out the eyebrows black or dark pencil. Pick up tool on a tone darker than the natural color of your eyebrows.

Use eyeliner requires certain skills. No experience is frequently induces too wide band which visually reduces the eye. To avoid this it is recommended to slightly smudge the line.

Mascara is a tool which helps to make the look more expressive. The most common mistake is applying mascara in several layers until the bonding of the lashes. To separate lashes, use brush. Not recommended very often to use waterproof mascara to avoid damage to lashes.

You probably have tried the makeup smoky eyes with pigment eye shadow, which crumble and create the effect of “Panda”. After applying eye makeup, gently swipe the excess crumbled eye shadow brush and apply a small amount of loose powder under the eyes.

Very often, many try to simultaneously highlight the eyes and lips, which is undesirable. Smoky eyes or luscious lips, the choice is yours!


Lip makeup

The liner may make your makeup truly glamorous. To do this, the main thing correctly to pick up the tone of the pencil. It should be neither too dark nor too bright.

It is not necessary to go lipstick in natural lip contour. Otherwise, you risk looking like a clown. To make lips more plump, apply at the center a little bit of lip gloss.

Not to remove makeup before sleeping – mistake every third woman. This leads to the appearance of defects on the skin: pimples, redness, clogged pores, tired and dry skin, flaking, wrinkles, and so on. Removing makeup allows the skin to breathe and recover.



  • Remember that makeup you need good lighting.
  • Do not forget to regularly clean your sponges and brushes, or the bacteria that are located on them, can cause acne.
  • Regularly cares for the skin, choosing this cosmetics depending on your skin type.
  • Frequently change your towel and pillowcase.

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