Самые дорогие туфли в миреMany women are willing to throw away a lot of money for fashionable shoes.

Moreover, for some women collecting shoes is gambling hobby. Shoes are purchased for different occasions, under any clothing, bags and other accessories.

However, there are shoes, acquisition of which is for «mere mortals» it is simply impossible and remains an elusive dream, as the cost of such footwear imports. By the way, if You want to  buy footwear in Ukraine, a wide choice of famous brands presented in the shop «Alex Bell».

This Shoe designer includes nearly all the creations of the most expensive in the world of footwear.

For example, it created shoes for the actress Kathleen York, appeared in them on one of the award Oscar, will face three million bucks. For their manufacture was used brown satin and diamonds, sapphires and rubies.

Вейтцманом were also created so-called «Shoes for the Cinderella» worth two million of those same dollars. They have eleven measuring pin and diamonds with the total weight of which is 595 carat.

Творения Стюарта Вейтцмана

A masterpiece of expensive shoes was the joint work of Stewart Вейтцмана and jeweler Le Viana. They have created a Shoe, decorated with the same diamonds combined was before. The cost of these shoes is the same as in the previous version.

Next creation Вейтцмана is a pair of Shoes alley». Red sandals are covered with rubies (120 carats) and platinum. More than half a million dollars – the price.

And the Platinum Guild» designer decorated with stones (464 pieces), have a different shape. In these shoes fit together and diamonds, and platinum. Appreciated almost two million dollars.

The diamond dream» Вейтцман created, cooperating with jewelry master Квиатом. Shoes studded with diamonds and platinum line. The cost of half a million.

Creation Of Ronald Winston

Творение Рональда УинстонаThe designer perfectly worked on the creation of the most expensive shoes in the world. They were intended for the heroine of «the Wizard of Oz», whose role is brilliantly performed by Judy garland.

Red shoes studded with rubies in the number of 4600 pieces, and diamonds. Year of creation : 1989, but since they still remain the most expensive shoes in the world, worth three million «green».

Of course, the usual average person acquiring such footwear is far too expensive.

A record price of these shoes, considering her dignity of the goods, can afford only people owning huge conditions. All the rest can only admire the pictures.

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