samye-modnye-zimnie-sapogy-2013-2014Already in the beginning of autumn, many women think about which of the same boots they will «defile» in the streets in the winter. And these thoughts are justified – because designers footwear industry long before the onset of a fashion season start to create, creating new collections.

Moreover, designer developments not only please fashionistas my own style, colors and trendy decor, but will become practical, convenient and safe option for snowy and slippery winter.

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High stud looks sexy and feminine. However, in winter conditions it is completely impractical, and even dangerous, if it is a daily choice of winter boots.

Therefore, the designers decided to protect women from drops and almost all models of coming winter presented the presence heel stable form. However, in relation to height restrictions.

Among numerous range of countless ботфортов or just high boots. Length can vary reach the middle of the tibia or mid-thigh. Fashionable will use, free and fitting models. Does not lose its popularity «чулочные» model of boots.

Retro-style in the current year has taken the position, and so confidently into the next year. Boots style of 70-x will have a hard top, high, but a heavy and stable heel and rounded toe.

Not abate interest in such a comfortable winter shoes like ugg boots. These cosy boots have long won the love of women around the world, thanks to its comfort, convenience and style.

Стили и фасоны зимних сапог

Material and color fashionable winter boots

Undoubtedly, genuine leather remains out of competition – it has the proper comfort and all the necessary basic functions for winter footwear: ergonomics and durability. Popular is the use of opaque copies of the skin, albeit starting to gain popularity structured options, as well as textured leather and leather of reptiles.

The different textures and materials can also be combined harmoniously with each other – for example, leather and suede, suede and velvet. Fur winter boots will not leave the list of leaders. The length and height of the fur of the pile can be different.

In terms of flowers novelties will be presented to the dark color of wine. A classic winter shades remain in trend: red, beige, brown, black.

Acquired during the winter boots must blend in with the overall style in clothes.

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