Who doesn’t dream of a beautiful and healthy hair? Unfortunately, nature has not made all the thick, healthy hair. And even those who are lucky eventually require the restoration of hair. Due to mechanical stress, poor environment and nutrition even healthy and strong hair becomes brittle and dry. How to make your hair health using natural oils is one of the most burning topics.

So, what oils are useful hair?
Тайна роскошных волос: натуральные масла
Olive oil storehouse of vitamins not only for the human body, but the remedy for hair. Since ancient centuries of the fair sex have used olive oil for hair mask, which was applied on the scalp, as a cosmetic. Strangely enough, but today this recipe has remained unchanged. Mask with olive oil nourishes hair, stimulates the growth of hair follicles and helps to cope with split ends.

The significance of burdock oil in cosmetology is undeniable. The curative properties of burdock root (burdock), containing unsaturated fatty acids, proteins, iron, zinc, manganese, as well as vitamins A, C, PP, E, strengthens hair bulbs, struggling with prolapse, nourishes, regenerates and strengthens the hair.

Another oil healing properties, which opened tribal Indians – jojoba oil or as it is often called «liquid gold». Amino acids, minerals and vitamins C and E, which is saturated oil is considered to be a natural antioxidant and powerful regenerating agent. Cosmetic masks on the basis of jojoba oil helps to restore the structure of the hair and protects it against mechanical impact the environment.
Тайна роскошных волос: натуральные масла1
The use of natural oils in the hair care simple but effective way to repair damaged hair, returning them to the beauty, health and luster.

Article publication date: November 28, 2013

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