Необходимые материалы для маникюраHello everyone. A manicure is not just a way of nail care, but also an art of creation of beauty on the tip of your finger.

The artist will not be able to do without the easel, brushes and paints, and also the Creator of nail masterpieces will not be able to do without materials for manicure.

The art of manicure is not in one place. Consequently, the amount of material is growing every day. Today there are more than a dozen. Inexperienced woman may not even know about some of them. In this article we will tell You about everything needed for a lovely manicure.

It can be used to strengthen natural-based nails. Especially it can be far from ideal nails brittle and splitting. Bio gel is safe and allows quite easily build elegant nails. The implementation process required the presence of UV lamp, under the influence of which the gel becomes firm and takes the desired shape.


This material presents bright, colorful polymer clay products, which are widely used as a decoration for your nails. They blend perfectly with the nails that were accrued using gel or acrylic techniques. Diverse topics FIMO allows you to practice creating a superior compositions. On the nails they are usually placed between two layers: the first and modeling.

Fotodesigner materials

Their use is quite easy to decorate your nails. Stickers with drawing a variety of figures will allow you to quickly modify the image and to focus on the image. Use them harmlessly. Fotodesigner the materials used in the helium build-up or just used as a transparent varnish.

Stamping kits

Campingowe nail art you can do at home. With its help it is easy to quickly obtain a clear monochromatic prints on the nails using a special little stamp. Better if images will be printed on already painted nails. Through a combination of images and applying them in different colors obtained accurate original combination.

This is only a fraction used in manicure materials. Actually, there are much more. This diversity gives us immense possibilities to create unique and fancy nail design. Women, having mastered the basics, you can even create your own, every day, changing the appearance of their nails.

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