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If you set a goal to lose weight in 30 days, but don’t want to suffer hunger strikes to suffer from strict dieting and sweating in the gym, pay attention to the patch Slim Patch. This product is one of the most popular tools of the latest generation, aimed at trouble-free weight reduction. All you will need is daily for several hours or overnight to stick the patch on one or more problem areas of the body and lead a normal life – to sit, to walk, to relax, to sleep, to dance.

The structure and principle of operation

In the age of the harmful chemicals which add not only in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, even food can not bribe the composition of the patch. Slim Patch is made from 100 % natural ingredients: extract of the rhizomes Alisma, wood resin, hawthorn fruit, Cassia seed and sesame. Active ingredients included in the composition of the funds do not cause diarrhea and can not have a negative impact on your liver and kidneys through the circulation system they penetrate under the skin, where they affect body fat.

магнитный пластырь для похудения

In addition, in the center of the patch is a thin magnet. It produces waves that pass through the skin, massage Meridian. Thus, from the Slim Patch is obtained the same effect as acupuncture, which is one of the most popular alternative methods of weight loss. It is this small detail fundamentally distinguishes this product from Slim Cool Firming Body Patch, Slim Hot Fitting Body Patch, and other patches for weight loss. Useful properties that occur when using the patch are:

  • reducing the intake of fat, starch and sugar from the food;
  • activation of lipid metabolism;
  • the normalization of the increased appetite;
  • the removal of toxins, toxins, excess fluid;
  • pronounced anti-cellulite effect;
  • the swelling.

Instructions for using the patch Slim Patch

  1. Take a shower or wipe the desired area of the body with a wet towel. Try this coffee homemade scrub to cleanse the skin surface in the problem area of dead cells. This will help the patch better fix itself and begin to take action. At the same time you can paste multiple patches on the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, waist area, legs, arms.
  1. Open up the package, remove the patch, peel off the protective film and stick slim Patch on the skin. This tool for weight loss it is recommended to keep from 20 minutes to 24 hours. After the desired time to remove the bandage, wash the skin with warm water, dry and, if desired, apply a body cream. Attach a new patch.

как использовать Слим Патч

Depending on the quantity of excess weight and the desired outcome of the course of a patch, Slim Patch should be from one to three months. The first visual results will be noticeable after only 10-12 days. When using this tool it is recommended to wear loose clothing that will not RUB against the patch. That is why many prefer to use the patch at night. In addition, the manufacturer notes that the maximum activity of the plant components of the product it comes in a dream.

You do not need to sit on a diet and exercise when using the Slim Patch. You can live your normal life – to sit in an office chair, walk in the Park, flip through the magazines on the couch. But to achieve a more rapid and tangible results, it is recommended to limit the menu spicy and fatty food. It is important every day to drink a sufficient amount of free fluid is 1.5-2 litres

Apply Slim Patch with caution. This product for weight loss is contraindicated for people who suffer from allergies, women who are in a situation, breast feeding and menstruation, people with sensitive skin. If the surface of the skin there are wounds, unhealed scratches etc., wait until the damage is completely healed, and only then use the patch.

Where to buy and at what price?

Buy patch Slim Patch in several ways. If in usual drugstores patch still has not found wide application, then in the directories some online pharmacies products can already be found. Also you can request this tool for weight loss directly from China or domestic sites that sell various Chinese products, from clothing to beauty products. You can also order the delivery of buying a home on the official website of the distributor. Depending on place of purchase and quantity in a package of disposable patches (10, 15, 30 or more pieces) slim Patch will cost you 250-1200 rubles.

To order the patch Slim Patch!


Arina, 28 years. Always skeptical of ever appearing miracle remedies for weight loss without effort and diet. But 5 years ago I had a pleasant experience using one of the popular patch. Then the weight was kept relatively short time – after 2 months the volume returned. But it helped! Decided to try with the patches. The first plate was pasted in the morning, then again at night and so on. Today, after 2 weeks, my plumb already is 4.3 kg Truth, stick to a light diet.

Oksana, 31. As usually happened on a beautiful reviews and ordered a slim Patch. On the Chinese website is generally a penny, but came some very smelly patch, which smelled of Vietnamese with an asterisk. So I think that’s not what they sent me what I wanted. Yes and effect, in fact, virtually no. For the sake of experiment I even kept the patch does not 8 hours as written in the instructions, and 24. In the end, for 4 weeks left only 2 pounds. Now I think the official supplier through the site to order.

Hope, 30 years. Bore, fatten daughter Breasts and decided that it was time to put himself in his old form. Of course, fitness and gymnastics time not at all, so I decided to try this innovative patch. What components are all natural, magnet something else. You can stick to forget the whole day and go about their business. Surprisingly, the effect was slightly not as expected – instead of cleansing laxative action Slim Patch worked on my body as a diuretic. Over the entire course of the 28 days I lost 5 lbs. a Little, but I didn’t put this effort. I’ll order a couple of packs.

Elena, 34 years. We ordered with my friends three packages at the same time from the same seller. And you know, the results are completely different. For two weeks I’ve lost only 2 kg, one girlfriend of 4 kg, and the third generally 7 kg So that advertising advertising, but the effect is still there. However, the effect is not guess – all individually.


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