As you know, a beautiful well-groomed nails is the key to the success of the image as a whole. The nail service industry is not standing still and every day offers more and more products and services that meet the growing needs of fashionistas of all ages. Among the popular products today there are all kinds of colored paints, varnishes with the effect of craquelure, paint with glitter and chameleon, all this diversity adds different paints for drawing, creating just an incredible amount of different designs. A separate niche in all this variety is the gel-lacquers, Shallaki and biogels.
Что выбрать: наращивание ногтей или покрытие шеллак5
And if the gel varnishes and gel is the prerogative nail salons, perform a manicure with shellac at home quite under force to any girl. For this you need to stock up on UV lamp, special base, color Polish and top coating. Currently, companies such as CND and OPI offer buyers starter kits containing everything you need for a manicure with shellac.

The procedure of application of shellac is:

1.Degrease the nail plate. This can be done with a special compound recommended by the manufacturers of shellac, but if not at hand, it is your regular alcohol.
2. Apply a special transparent base coat and send the hand to dry in the UV lamp. Drying time is always written on the jar, usually about 1.5-2 minutes.
3. Apply color Polish first thin layer, and again dried in a UV lamp.
4. If necessary, you can apply the 2nd layer of colour (it can be a little thick the first), not forgetting to seal the tip of the nail and again in a lamp for 1.5-2 minutes.
5. Apply top coating and final drying. It is recommended to slightly increase the drying time, by about half a minute.
6. After drying on the nail remains sticky layer is a polymerization product of. It can be removed with a special tool or re-use the alcohol.
The procedure of manicure with shellac takes about 40-60 minutes, but it’s acceptable time, as the result is a coating that will please about 2-3 weeks.
Использование шеллака для создания домашнего маникюра (3)
The procedure for the removal of shellac is somewhat different from the procedure of withdrawal of the usual paint, time and effort will need much more:

1. To get the special tool for removing shellac or regular liquid nail Polish remover.
2. Stock up on pieces of foil to wrap each nail and the cotton pad.
3. Cotton pads cut in half and soak with liquid varnish remover.
4. Wrap nails cotton pad and top foil.
5. You need to wait about 5-10 minutes.
6. Revealing one nail, must be carefully, trying not to damage the nail, move/roll the shellac orange stick.
Шеллак как вид современного маникюра (2)
Upon completion of the removal of shellac nails, it is desirable to moisten with oil.
After manicure with shellac nails, you need to rest. It is generally recommended not to do more than 2 consecutive shellac manicures, breaks must be not less than one week. For best recovery, you need the nail plates during breaks to actively nourish the nails oils, creams and baths.

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