There are many paints for painting the nails, including French manicures, but the most quality is a gel Polish Shellac. It has no specific smell, which is well suited for those people who can not tolerate strong smells and has a nice glossy Shine. In addition, this varnish is easily applied and also easily removed, which is very convenient.

Not for nothing is the expression —Shellac — the revolution in nail design. This nail Polish is expensive, especially if you buy it in special shops, but it’s worth it. If there is a desire to save money, even a little, you can look for it online and book in online stores.

How to achieve resistance of the varnish to not to do the correction every day?

Many women wonder, “How to keep a beautiful manicure without correction as long as possible?”. This question is very relevant, because work and household chores often cause the paint to slide, and the nails become grubby. In this case, women often have to abandon the idea of a manicure, but it’s so important to have beautiful nails. About how to keep longer manicure in this article.

The main factors and their control

To start with the fact that the shape of the nail plate in the form must match the cuticle line, then the nails are very brittle.

Another factor to the instability of the manicure is that the nail plate often have a greasy surface, which contributes to the rapid slide of the varnish. To reduce the influence of this factor on painting nails. In order that the nail surface is best suited for painting, you can buy a special basis, which is used before painting. But this is not necessarily because replace such a base may white vinegar, which is used by many. In order to prepare the nail surface, it is necessary to process the white vinegar with a cotton swab. Once the nail plate is dry, it is possible to apply the base coat.

When removing the cuticle, it is important to use a special oil, not steam the nails in water. This method extends the area of the nail and after painting the nails, ondawame cold, reduced, and the lacquer forms cracks or chips, due to the fact that the varnish for the nail becomes small.

Another factor that reduces the life of the manicure, is the application of nail Polish on the cuticle. It would seem that such? It is not that it is not accepted and it looks not very nice, but the fact that the cuticle while drying lifts the layer of varnish, but because it forms cracks and chips.

In order to avoid problems with the cuticle, it is important not to cut it with scissors and gently slide using oil and a special wooden stick, created for a manicure. When painting is useful to keep a little distance from the lacquer layer to the cuticle, which will reduce the likelihood of premature deformation of the lacquer layer.

Another factor in the occurrence of chipping of the nails are air bubbles forming in the varnish by shaking. Therefore, it is important not to shake the varnish, and gently rotate it in her hands a few times. Then, the varnish layer will lie down smoothly and will last much longer.

When painting it is important to remember that for the perfect manicure which will beautify your nails for a few days, instead of days, you need to apply at least two coats of varnish. It’s not necessary to paint over the entire nail plate. The area near the cuticle should be carefully paint over than an open tip, which is more prone to chipping. For this to nail looked exactly, first paint over top of the nail. When the first coat dries, apply a second coat to the whole area of the nail. Thus, the varnish layer will be fixed at the base and will last longer.

Well when procrast nails to pay attention and that, if well dyed the edges of your nails, because, as already stated above, they are most prone to chipping. Progresiva the edge of the nail, it is useful to paint over it along, thus ensuring better protection from external factors.

In the case that the edge of the nail split or blurred, it is important to treat it with liquid varnish remover. This is done usually with the help of cotton buds. After removed the harm particles of varnish, you can apply an extra layer, not afraid of the irregularities of the nail surface.

Another, final factor in the process is drying of the nails. It is important to note that if you want faster dry nails, some women use a hot-air battery or a Hairdryer. This is not necessary, because the hot air promotes corrosion of the paint surface. For quick drying perfectly suitable for the special dryer for the nails, if you spend money do not want to dry the nails or naturally, or by means of a fan.

In addition to the factors of the process, there are external factors. The most important of which is the impact of chemicals on the nail layer, but also in General. To avoid problems with the nail plated due to various detergents, which contain chemicals, cleaning, washing dishes, etc. should only be done in rubber gloves, to protect hands from external influences.

Thus, to keep the manicure in perfect condition for a longer period it is really important to observe the basic rules of nail care and be aware of the influence of various factors on the nail coating.

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