фитоэстрогены в продуктахIn the period of natural deficiency of female sex hormones naturally raises the question of their replacement. This purpose may be appointed taking synthetic hormones, and plant counterparts. The phytoestrogens in foods can prevent the development of various complications that are a consequence of hormonal deficiency. Most often, the need of the use of plant compounds occurs in the presence of contraindications for prescribing hormone therapy.


The safety of phytoestrogens

фитоэстрогены в зеленом горошкеTo date there is active discussion on the benefits of phytoestrogens. Some experts cite data on the negative impact on the organs and tissues of the body. In this situation it should be emphasized that it is necessary to obtain the prior advice of a specialist. Many people mistakenly believe that phytoestrogens are safe because it’s natural herbal compounds. In each case, to follow the principle of rational approach, which involves calculating the consumed amount of natural analogues of female sex hormones.

Phytoestrogens is an effective prophylactic. In order to prevent it is recommended to consume foods rich in phytoestrogens. Women should start taking this group of plant compounds in the period before the natural age of menopause. When organizing your daily diet can provide the necessary level analogues of sex hormones of the female body, which is the prevention of complications in menopause.

Phytoestrogens cannot be considered a hormone from the point of view of the chemical composition of compounds. It is a natural hormone analogues, which are necessary for the normal functioning of the female body in conditions of hormonal deficiency. The proximity of natural compounds in composition to sex hormones makes them biologically active compounds, which requires a rational approach to their reception.


Products with a high content of phytoestrogens

Prior to using products with therapeutic and preventive purposes, you should know which products contain phytoestrogens in the highest concentrations. There are products that are among the leaders in content of plant compounds with hormonal activity. The first is soy. From the study of this product began to be actively implemented in practice food analogues of sex hormones. Not only soy different useful properties. Of the legume family should be included in the daily diet the following products:

  • beans
  • green peas
  • beans

Foods containing phytoestrogens are necessary for the preservation of female health. Useful properties are also cereals. Wheat, oats, millet, bran contain phytoestrogens. Do not forget about flax seeds, medicinal properties are known since ancient times. If a woman is in the age of menopause, she had her first signs of oestrogen deficiency, flax seed will significantly ease the condition. The content of phytoestrogens in high concentration is combined with the content of essential fatty acids, so this product should be recommended for use in case of development of a pathological condition.

Source of phytoestrogens are also vegetables, such as cabbage. There are varieties of which vegetable analogues of the hormones found in the highest concentrations. This varieties of broccoli and cauliflower. The woman should include vegetables in your daily diet, the most effective is the combination of different vegetables.


About the benefits and harm of beer

фитоэстрогены в пивеBeer is a unique beverage that deserves the greatest attention from the point of view of the content of phytoestrogens. The phytoestrogens in beer have a powerful impact on women’s body due to their high concentration. In the process of making beer hops used. It is known that phytoestrogens hops are different biological similarity with the female sex hormone estrogen, the hormonal activity is approaching the activity of estrogen. For this reason, there is such a powerful impact on the body. The information is being actively discussed in the scientific literature, but for a wide range of people remain closed. This leads to low awareness of the population about the possible negative impact of beer.

Most clearly this can be seen by the example of those men who drink beer in large quantities. Upon receipt of plant analogues is a kind of substitution of male chaff hormones. Men begin to show feminine traits. It concerns the nature of fat (the fat on the abdomen and thighs), the status of the mammary glands.

For women, the consumption of beer also has a negative impact. Excessive amounts of phytoestrogens can affect the overall hormonal balance in a woman, which is accompanied by disturbances of different nature. Don’t forget that even a weak alcoholic drink contains alcohol, so excessive consumption of beer is dangerous from the point of view of the development of addiction and other problems associated with drinking alcoholic beverages. Especially adversely, if a woman drinks beer during pregnancy. Phytoestrogens can exert an influence on the developing fetus, so it is permissible to drink for the entire period of pregnancy is not more glasses of beer.

The role of sex hormones is the regulation of the reproductive system. When introducing hormones into the body from outside, as well as analogues of hormones may cause the development of serious breaches, up to infertility. This has been proven in animal experiments, but this does not mean that this information should be neglected. When taking phytoestrogens needs to be a reasonable approach from the point of view of causing possible harm to the body.

Marina Solovyov

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