Manicures, extensions, shellac, nail design – which not only make women in order to look most advantageous and attractive. Some girls are solved by nail piercing. Make it can not only professionals in salons. Nail piercing is a quick and inexpensive way of expression. He will give the image some originality.
Пирсинг ногтей или возращение моды на подвески5
The piercing nails can be seen not only at the hands of the rebels. It began to make quite a respectable personality. Decorations on the nails involuntarily attract attention. As a quality underwear gives confidence and beautiful nails can add faith in yourself. But unlike linen nails on everyone’s mind. Lingerie wholesale will be much cheaper than in retail stores.

Range of decorations for nail art very great. This may not be just a pebble or a heart, but expensive pendant set with diamonds.
Пирсинг ногтей или возращение моды на подвески4
The piercing easier to do on the nails of medium length. The nail plate must be without any flaws. If it suddenly turned out that the nail foliated, then the procedure should be postponed until better times. If the nail is slightly damaged, it will weaken. To perform the procedure, you will need a special tool in the form of miniature drills. With its help it is necessary to pierce the nail in the marked spot. To puncture should be applied to the nail who consolidates or varnish. In the salons, as a rule, is used for strengthening the gel and acrylic.
Пирсинг ногтей или возращение моды на подвески
Piercing, as lengthened nails, sooner or later, to remove or to do again. The nail will grow back quickly. You can cut off the top part and make a new puncture below. In the hole you can insert a different decoration. It should be noted that you can decorate not only their own but also lengthened nails. But with artificial things are more complicated. Without certain skills and tools at home to do the piercing on them is almost impossible.
Пирсинг ногтей или возращение моды на подвески2
The piercing better to do on the little finger. This finger is rarely participates in business. Therefore, the risk for something to latch onto and damage the nail plate is minimized. The piercing goes well with the pastel shades of nail Polish.

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