обувь на платформеThe platform shoes are quite popular, especially when it comes to selection of comfortable and stylish models. For many, they like the fact that the added growth, partially retaining the comfort that only the platform is able to provide. Thick soles, often made of cork, plastic, rubber or wood, the latter also known as clogs and wearing takayabu has been around for centuries.

In the past the Greeks and Romans, Japanese and Chinese wore the shoes on the platform. In Ancient Greece it was used to add height to some important characters in theatrical performances, with the same purpose it was worn by the noble courtesans in Venice in the 16th century. The ancient Chinese tradition of wearing thick soles of several layers still stored in Peking Opera, while the women of the Manchu Qing dynasty wore platforms with separate heels, which were subsequently adopted by European fashion.

Shoes on the platform is actually quite practical, it keeps your feet protected from dirt. This design became popular in the 1930-ies until the 1950’s, when it became clear that the fashion world needs to change before they explode in the 1960s, 70s and 80s. The first modern version of such shoes was presented to Moshe Kimmel for Marlene Dietrich, the design, which soon became extremely popular among the elite in Beverly hills. In the era of disco platform boots, also known as disco boots, were extremely popular among men and women really wore them for a very long time. Women of all ages was just struck by their appearance.

летняя обувь на платформеFashion stopped changing for several years, and nine-inch heels Vivienne Westwood platforms five inches in height caused the decline of Naomi Campbell on the catwalk. But girl groups like Spice Girls, back height and comfort of this amazing footwear in the late 1990-ies. Soon after this trend has passed also into fashion, when the Disney characters started to appear in shoes with high soles.

But how to be an adult with their stylish wardrobe and the whole world around, who need to win day in and day out? How best to wear shoes on the platform?


Tip # 1

When it comes to summer days, you can stick beautiful white ensembles, perhaps with some floral prints, and the shoes may contrasts with a common view. Add a stylish and charming bag to match your dress to really make the image pop style. Think about the white top is tight and the skirt with peplum and pink print and open platform sandals tied at the ankle, to complete the look.


Tip # 2

сандали на платформеChoosing shoes, make sure that the platform is not too narrow and that you can wear them without harming your feet. If you want lighter shoes, choose a cork sole with a smaller height of the platform and of breathable fabric.


Tip # 3

You can always make your image more athletic, if necessary, combining a stylish outfit with sneakers on the platform, like Isabel Marant. This model of shoes has created a popular trend, especially in the past year, and now everyone has a pair of shoes in my closet. They create a relaxed look, no matter how elegant your skirt and blouse.


Tip # 4

выбор туфлей на платформеIf you plan to replace your office shoes for a more comfortable platform, you can experiment with more intricate pair of shoes, combining it with pants, blazers and simple t-shirts. You can wear costumes with platform shoes without backs, and you can replace the two-piece on a beautiful dress that looks quite appropriate and without the addition of a jacket, or you can combine several items of clothing together.


Tip # 5

The MIDI skirt and platform sandals look amazing together, especially in the spring, summer and early autumn. These shoes makes legs look longer, and the body slimmer. You can combine it with a cropped top to show a side of his own stomach, emphasizing the beauty of the body, or choose a more modest way-1990s – pleated MIDI skirt, platform sandals and a white shirt to complete the look.


Tip # 6

как носить туфли на платформеYou can also create an image with a Maxi dress, although it is strongly recommended to carefully choose a model that is flowing and has a high side slit. Thus, you can guarantee that while your shoes will not be visible at all times, she will peek out from under the dress to create a rather intriguing mystery around your feet.


Tip # 7

брюки и туфли на платформеIf you have long legs, choose pants long to the ankle and the gorgeous platform shoes with heels to create a relaxed, stylish look. It will add you an elegant appeal, in particular, in the case of a work ensemble, especially denim.


Tip # 8

Platform shoes height to ankle are ideal choice for winter months, when you can’t wear sandals, and ensemble with socks is impossible when your type of figure. Make a choice in favor of beautiful shoes to the ankles, as it lengthens the leg, nevertheless keeping them warm and safe, protecting them from the cold and dirt.


Tip # 9

стильные туфли на платформеYou can also dress up and beautify yourself by wearing, for example, shoes from Prada or something like that. Whether you prefer neon design from Christian Louboutin or bright colors in the Italian style from Dolce&Gabbana, you can actually find the platform of its kind and level, including to wear something on your feet that looks like a cage for birds.


Tip # 10

туфли на платформеStand on the platform and may quite dress shoes, and the result is just priceless design. For example, shoes-oxfords on the platform, not too high and not too low that gives enough growth to create a somewhat vintage look. You can see a collection Simone Rocha spring / summer 2013 to find out and be inspired by such images, because they certainly were a masterpiece.

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