The need for disinfection and sterilization of instrument heard everything. Clients are rightly demanding in this matter. The task of the master to protect themselves and each client, maintaining cleanliness and sterility. For this you can use different types of sterilizers. Their differences lie in the method of impact, speed of procedure and cost.

Hot-wardrobe — effective, but, unfortunately, not the most common sterilizer in nail industry. Leverage — temperature treatment of objects. For example, hot-Cabinet GP-20: devices of metal in this process under the influence of temperature from 200 to 260 degrees for at least an hour. Such devices are used not all the masters, because of its high cost and duration of the sterilization cycle.

Ball (glasperlenovy) sterilizer to carry out a complete disinfection of instruments, destroys all bacteria and fungi. The effect of “deep” sterilization is achieved by heating air balls made of quartz. The treatment process takes about 10 seconds, the subject will have time to warm up to 250 degrees. It is important that the impact of the sterilizer is subjected to only the working surface, while in the hot-cupboard item prikalivatsja entirely. The cost of a quartz sterilizer is significantly lower processing speed faster. At the same time they can use a lot of masters. A major drawback is the inevitable blunting of the instruments, made of medical piarottolegno metal. Because the device operates through a quartz sand, which is a strong abrasive.

Ultraviolet sterilizers are often incorrectly referred to this group, but they are perfect for storing dry and sterilized manicure tools. UV rays do not destroy the HIV virus and hepatitis b poses a serious danger both for the client and for the master.

The diligent craftsmen should be enough sets of tools, because a full cycle of processing of all items is roughly an hour and a half. If there is no experience of use of sterile devices, it is necessary to study carefully the recommendations for use, and it is better to attend a refresher course on this topic.

Do not forget that not all of the subsidiary metal material and the workplace should be required to maintain in terms of cleanliness and hygiene.

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