радиолифтингThe radio lifting called revolutionary method of non-surgical facelift no analogs. An alternative to this procedure, of course, it would be amazing to think otherwise the modern variety of cosmetics and cosmetic procedures aimed at rejuvenation. But being a non-invasive technique, radio lifting allows to solve prominent problems of persons in cases, when other ways to demonstrate the impotence or low efficiency. Or if the patient is afraid of injections.


Peculiarities of radio lifting

The radio lifting (radiowave lifting) also known as lifting or Thermage are one and the same procedure. “Radio” because of the epidermis affect radio waves, which stimulates the fibroblasts, “thermo” – because during processing is felt a pronounced heat. Many holders of sensitive skin fear burns that they can get during a radio lifting, but absolutely groundless. If you resort to the radio lifting in a specialized clinic, and trust to a qualified professional, the session will not cause inconvenience and the skin will not suffer from burns. Redness, which appears on the skin during treatment apparatus, lasts no more than 10 to 20 minutes and soon disappears.

Of course, before settling in the chair for the procedure you need to verify in the absence of contraindications and indications. Despite the proven efficacy in non-surgical facial rejuvenation, radio lifting has its own range of activities, limited as age limits, as well as changes that are already affecting the skin. Refer to it it is necessary only in case, if he is able to correct age-related skin defects, but not to turn back time drastically.


Indications for radio lifting

The term “age-related changes” is always a list, and the radio lifting able to fight not with all. You can access it when you change the shape of the face, starting ptosis (drooping of tissue) in the cheeks and chin, as expressed by the sagging facial skin, facial wrinkles, which are just beginning to emerge. Enlarged pores can also undergo therapy radio lifting.

After a session of radio lifting noted smooth wrinkles, then the restriction, the tightening of facial contour, the General strengthening of facial tissues, increased tone of the skin, which becomes smooth, elastic, healthy and steady tone.


How it works

In the middle layer of the skin (the dermis) are fibroblasts. The cells that are called cells youth, because they are responsible task is to synthesize bioactive substances which fill the intercellular space. Fibroblasts produce collagen and elastin, responsible for elasticity, smoothness, and therefore, the youthfulness of the skin. Over time, their natural resources are drying up because fibroblasts “tired and exhausted. Many methods of aesthetic cosmetology aimed at restoring specifically collagen-elastin skeleton. Thus, the skin gets what it needs to restore elasticity. But it is a methodology for the lazy, and there is another.

Apparatus for radio lifting emits radio set frequency, which penetrate into the dermis and awaken sleepy or tired fibroblasts. Those beginning their usual activities, recreating the lost collagen and elastin. For this reason, the radio lifting first, gives the result is not always immediately after the procedure, and secondly, requires not a single approach and a course of several sessions. As a rule, in complex cases, it is necessary about ten procedures.


Contraindications and limitations

Some States do not allow to use the procedure of radio lifting. Among them: pregnancy and breastfeeding, and open wounds on the face, skin irritation, acne active herpes, the presence of a pacemaker and metal implants, as well as fresh contour plastics.

The best age for a course of radio lifting of 30-45 years old. In this period of age-related changes already, but have not yet moved into critical form, at which require more intensive and multilateral intervention. The effect of a course of radio lifting remains to 2-3 years, depending on the age and individual peculiarities of the organism.

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