Changing the color of the nail plate often indicates the presence of various health problems and malnutrition over the long term. It is better to identify the causes of the appearance of white spots from an experienced doctor who will be able to appreciate the nature of the situation and the degree of neglect. You also need to take the tests and their results to undergo a course of treatment for a particular disease. White spots on the nails often appear with a lack of protein, problems with digestion, kidney failure, skin diseases and disorders of blood circulation.
Причина появления белых пятен на ногтях и способы их устранения3
White spots on the nails can be the result of severe stress or emotional splash, select uncomfortable shoes. To prevent such situations, you need to choose a quality shoes Axis. Thus, it is possible to avoid stressful situations and to exclude the appearance of white spots on nails and various diseases.

In addition to health should pay attention to the absence of nail aesthetics that is also a problem. But, you must first pass the course of treatment of the main disease, which became the reason for the appearance of white spots. If the problem has no negative soil and not connected with the health, it can be solved with traditional methods.
Причина появления белых пятен на ногтях и способы их устранения
It’s enough to make at home bath with a weak solution of potassium permanganate, which should be taken for several weeks. After the procedure, the nails should be lubricated with special tea tree oil. Moreover, should consume per day more vitamins, shortages and affected the situation. In the daily diet should include foods that are rich in vitamins a, E, and minerals such as zinc and calcium. You should always pay attention to your health and nutrition. In this case, the nails will always be beautiful.

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