причины худобыGetting rid of a couple of extra pounds causes only positive emotions, but rapid weight loss when the reasons for thinness incomprehensible, is a serious cause for concern. Often, abnormal weight loss is seen in those who suffer from depression or eating disorders.



Indeed, in some cases to significant weight loss leads to depression, often a period of depression, a person loses appetite and sense the General apathy, which is expressed in the refusal to cook and eat. If you do not sleep at nights, don’t want to go out and socialize with others, most likely, you are in a depression. Depression, as well as any disease physiological properties, to detect and cure.

A clear symptom of depression specialists consider excessive weight loss. As soon as you or specialist determined that the cause of weight loss is depression, in no case delay the solution to this problem in a long box.



Lost a lot of weight very often people suffering from gastroenterological diseases and disturbances of the digestive system. In some cases, excessive weight loss is caused by the presence of cancer, but the addition of gastroenterology and cancer diseases, there are many other reasons why a person can lose weight in large quantities. Often abnormal weight loss can occur in ulcerative colitis in combination with inflammation of the digestive tract.

In reducing appetite and the emergence of pain in the abdominal cavity contact a specialist, who will determine exactly what the problem is.

Do not panic ahead of time, most of the diseases even chronic, treatable.


Medical help

In society recently promoted the image of a slim skinny girls, but some people are glad to get rid of extra kilograms and decrease in volume of the waist even at the cost of their own health. If you do not plan to lose weight, do not sit on a diet, but lose weight, be sure to check with your doctor. Depending on the reason for causing the dramatic weight loss, the expert will select appropriate methods of treatment, it can be medications or dietary correction program.

If a person is dramatically lose weight, sooner or later, causing him anxiety, and naturally, he asks, what is the reason, why so occurs? Even during purposeful abnormal weight loss weight loss raises certain questions. Weight loss can occur for many different reasons, but determine the true cause may only be a specialist on the basis of medical tests.


Narcotic substances

A sharp loss of weight can cause abuse of alcohol or drug dependence. Stimulating substances such as amphetamines or cocaine, speed up the metabolism processes in the body and reduce appetite, all of this ultimately results in a significant reduction in weight.

In some cases, significant weight loss cause even medicines prescribed by the doctor.

Those who are highly dependent on the drug, often spend all their money on satisfaction of this fatal addiction, and absolutely do not care about what they eat. Naturally, in such conditions of increasing the weight of the question. Ate a person is using drugs, as a rule, very quickly becomes visible to others, certain phenomena issue addiction is as much a person is not trying to conceal this addiction. If you suspect that one of your friends or relatives taking drugs, try to determine the presence of other symptoms and develop an action plan.


Abnormal weight loss

Under abnormal weight loss often mean reduction of body weight irrespective of the will of man, but in some cases to a sharp loss of weight, which can also be considered abnormal result strict diets. For a short time you can lose substantial weight using a low calorie diets. Any diet that is accompanied by a constant feeling of acute hunger, accompanied by a number of side effects. Our bodies need a certain amount of calories, which consist of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. If you want to lose weight, without limiting the volume of consumed calories not do, but, if a person consumes too few calories, it’s a very negative impact on the state of his health. Amount of calories and how it affects your body can be identified using blood analysis.

The problem of weight loss should not be underestimated, often people do not pay enough attention because in today’s society there is an opinion, that to lose weight, it is not only normal, but this should encouraged. People lose weight due to intensive physical exercises and diets aimed at reducing the amount of fat, so rapid weight loss may not always be related to some hazardous factors.

Abnormal weight loss in each individual case depends on the individual person.

Abnormal weight loss doctors weight loss for no apparent natural causes. If you decide to seek professional help, be sure to make a list of the symptoms that you think are caused by rapid weight loss, describe in detail your status, lifestyle, habits, and so on. The more information you provide, the easier it is to the doctors will determine the cause of your condition and develop an appropriate treatment program.

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