The modern market offers huge amount of funds to care for problem skin. Masks, lotions, tonics, gels, creams… Manufacturers constantly working on developing new chemical formulas, because a universal means for combating inflammation phenomena on the skin. It is extremely important to pick oneself up properly, otherwise you can achieve, or a temporary improvement, or even aggravate the situation.
Правильный выбор косметики – залог успеха
If hateful red painful bumps on the skin you are manifestations of a disease (for example, allergies, then you just need to get rid of contact with the allergen, disease of gastrointestinal tract, etc. shall necessarily visit a doctor and not only a dermatologist and should strictly follow his recommendations), then come to the aid of cosmetics for acne. For the sake of justice it is worth mentioning that in the first version of its application will allow to observe clean, fresh skin much earlier. The most popular brands such cosmetics are:

  • Proactiv
  • Green Mama
  • Propeller
  • Mary Kay
  • Garnier
  • Oriflame
  • AVON
  • Clearasil
  • Clean-and-Clear
  • Eveline Cosmetics
  • Amway

Cosmetics for acne is very effective, no doubt, but it is worth to eliminate the factors that are the cause of their appearance: get rid of stress, eat right, and regularly clean the skin etc.
Правильный выбор косметики – залог успеха1
When choosing cosmetics, note its ingredients: alcohol in it should not be, it is well dries the skin, but by burning skin cells, and if the result will be noticeable, short-lived. Preference is given to the means, which are observed fruit components. In fact, its an ideal tool you can find yourself only by trial and error. With the right selection of such cosmetics, with long-term and complex treatment, your skin will freshness and health.
Start taking care of themselves today, use high-quality cosmetic products not only manufacturing, but also a home. Do not forget the most basic recipes of traditional medicine – for example, RUB the face of a slice of lemon or aloe. After all, be beautiful, so nice and easy!

Article publication date: October 22, 2013

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