If you have green eyes, then rejoice because only four out of one hundred women have this color glaze because you must take this opportunity, it is necessary to observe some rules makeup for green eyes. Find out what colors should be used, what to avoid, how to attract attention to your view.
Правильные цвета для макияжа зеленых глаз!2
Always for makeup for green eyes should use more colors. Green, best served with red. But, there is no need to use the red shadow, and the flowers are approaching or containing shades of red. You can choose how warm and cold colors, depending on the impression you want to give.

Among cold tones best that emphasize green eyes, it’s shades of purple – they give special attention, lilac, purple, plum, pale pink and purple. You can use them for easy daytime make-up and evening make-up.
Metallic grey, anthracite or pearls can also give you a pleasant look to your opinion. Use it, especially if your eyes are bright-green.
Also for a special case, you can use the dark shades of metallic gold, brilliant. But be careful that your makeup corresponded with the right moment and with clothing you consider to wear.

Also you should not refuse from the green color, but you can enter it in the make-up style smoky eye, and only metallic shades.
As for the warm tones, use with confidence all shades of brown. Dark brown, copper, dark gray or orange, apricot, peach.
Правильные цвета для макияжа зеленых глаз!
For evening make use bright shade of dark colors: bronze, silver. And black or gray smoky eye make you a star of the evening. Especially if you want to add a special trick, dark purple eye contour.

Makeup for green eyes depending on your skin color
If you have dark skin, you brunette with green eyes, you better choose brown, chocolate or warm Golden tones.

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