правильный макияж для круглого лицаMakeover – a proven tool customization, allowing you to hide from prying eyes the defects and stress, to reveal the dignity of the person. The means of correction and basic techniques depend on the specificity of face shapes and are selected individually for each woman or makeup artist. So, the right makeup for a round face is designed to visually elongate the face, to make it more narrow, to approximate its shape to oval.


Signs round face shapes

What people are round? To determine the shape of the face is the easiest to use full-face photo. Circling with a pencil the shape of the face, it’s easy to understand what geometric shape it more like that. The mirror does not always give a complete picture of the oval face, but sometimes you can use them. Thus it is necessary to pay attention to the characteristic features of the round face:

  • The width and height of the face should be approximately equal, the difference is not more than three inches;
  • Jaw line smooth, soft (“weak” chin);
  • Often the chin unexpressed, the oval of the face at the bottom is not clear, the chin may appear double;
  • Wide cheekbones;
  • Wide middle portion of the face;
  • Round, plump cheeks.

It is noticed that even slender girls with round face look sometimes chubby. At the same time, a round face that looks younger, even a bit childish, which allows its owners to look younger than your age.

A round face usually looks not textured, flat. So, doing make up, try to make the face more expressive, “sculpture”, emphasize the line of the nose, cheekbones, brow, forehead, lips.


The correction of the face

Before applying makeup, careful cleansing and moisturizing of the skin. After applying moisturizer, you need to wait a few minutes and only after that to proceed to the application of tonal resources. This secret will help make your makeup more lasting.

The next step is masking the shortcomings of the skin, evening skin tone, hide dark circles under the eyes, small rashes and bumps. The correction of the face is performed by the corrector dark circles, different tones of Foundation: main – close to skin color and corrective, which is a couple shades darker than the main, powder for fixing makeup, and possibly a highlighter.

After masking and smoothing of skin can begin modeling a new face shape, more elongated, close to oval. To do this close to your natural skin color Foundation (or concealer) is applied to the middle part of the forehead, chin and Central part of the nose. Also on the middle line of the face can hold a thin light band and slightly lighten the tip of the nose.

Darker matte concealer delineate the lateral areas of the face from the bottom of the cheek, near the ear, temples, sides and wings of the nose. We should not forget about the transition from face to neck, tonal resources and applied on it, too. Primary point of correcting the shape of the face is mandatory good careful feathering of tonal resources, first shade a light tone and then dark. Borders of application of shades should not be visible, and they must look natural, so doing this makeup in good light. For high-quality shading is convenient to use special cosmetic brush for Foundation or sponge. Do not use too dark or too bright colors, so that the makeup does not look artificial.


Corrective eye makeup

Performing makeup round face, the main focus of trying to make the eyes, highlight them, to make more vivid, this technique distracts attention from the imperfect shape of the face. Shadows are applied within a century and is shaded vertically. You can choose any shades of shadows, depending on the color type or personal preference. Yet for round face is better to use darker, richer color to highlight the eyes, and follow the classical scheme of the application of dark and light shades. This dark tone is applied on the lid and blend upwards, and the light is placed on the eyelid.

You can emphasize the eyes with a dark pencil, but the arrows should be fairly short and upward, not sideways. You can do without them to hand round face even more. Mascara should be applied only on the upper lashes, carefully fill gaps between the lashes at the outer corner of the eye.

Close-set eyes do not look very attractive, but this problem is fixable. To visually enlarge the distance between close-set eyes, in contrast, use a lighter tool with light reflecting particles (highlighter). To visually bring together widely-set eyes, put a little dark Foundation on the bridge of his nose.

Very important correctly matched the shape of the eyebrows. They should not be too long and too straight. Well, when the eyebrow is curved “break-down”. The tip of the eyebrows should be slightly above the temple. Due to the tapering shape of the eyebrows, the look becomes more open, and removed the focus away from the cheeks.



Mandatory item in makeup for chubby – blush. The main rule of makeup for chubby – avoid horizontal lines that emphasize the roundness of the face. Blush is applied under the cheekbones, in the shape of a triangle, acute angle downwards and the base parallel to the ears, pulling the line drawing a bit up and diagonally to the temples.

Blush should be natural delicate shades, their task is to give a face of freshness and a little to disguise puffy cheeks, not to emphasize them. The shades are chosen depending on skin tone, they should look the most natural.

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