правильный макияж для сухой кожиApplying makeup for very dry skin can be a disappointing experience. But with the right cosmetics, you can achieve gorgeous, supple skin in no time. Expert tips and favorites products to make the right makeup for dry skin.

Want flawless skin without dead skin flakes? Unfortunately, people with dry skin often feel frustrated trying to find the right makeup tools to improve and appearance, and the condition of their skin. In fact, many cosmetics can worsen the condition of dry skin. But, using these tips of experts and the selection of products, you can create your multifaceted ritual of applying makeup, which quenches the thirst of the skin and restores its.


Rule 1: don’t be afraid exfoliate

отшелушивание сухой кожиPeople with dry, sensitive skin often hesitant to exfoliate, afraid of causing unwanted irritation. Skipping this step is a mistake and allows dry keratinized skin flakes accumulate. Get rid of that layer by using a gentle scrub, formulated for dry skin, using it several times a week. The result? In addition to a lighter, more balanced skin, you will find that moisturizers work best, as they better penetrate the pores. Your makeup will be applied much easier on the skin and make the skin glow.

  • Scrub, thirst-quenching skin: an Ideal product suitable for dry skin, Yonka Gommage 305, contains a light blend of vegetable oils to remove dead, dead skin flakes without irritating dry skin.


Rule 2: moisturize before applying makeup

увлажнение перед нанесением макияжаWhat is the most common mistake people with dry skin? Let’s start with the very dry. Always start your daily makeup with a light face lotion. With it, the facial skin is covered with a layer of a humidifier that prevents the filling means makeup wrinkles and pores, allowing the makeup to go effortlessly for a more balanced, elastic skin, and stay all day. Look for a product that contains hyaluronic acid which helps skin retain much needed moisture.

  • Moisturizer to thirsty skin: Day cream, nourishing and moisturizing the skin throughout the day for dry and normal skin from the brand Elemis, can be used alone or under your favorite Foundation, infusing the skin with moisture using hyaluronic acid and other ingredients for long-lasting hydration.


Rule 3: moisten the skin around the eyes

увлажнение кожи вокруг глазThin, delicate skin along century is particularly prone to dryness. Applying the basics to the shadows creates the perfect look all day for perfect color. Look for skin care products with hydrating ingredients, such as silicone.

  • The choice of means for the face to quench her thirst: Shadow-primer brand Too Faced creates the required barrier ingredients that block the moisture, including silicone and vitamin E to ensure a perfect application of your favorite shadows.


Rule 4: place the sugar, use cream or liquid products

жидкие средства для сухой кожиWhen it comes to choosing cosmetics that will improve the appearance of dry skin without deterioration of the skin, always stop your choice on the cream and the liquid, not the powder. Immersed in the emphasizing wrinkles and peeled skin particles, powder can do little to improve the appearance of very dry facial skin. Creams and liquid products, on the other hand, can deliver so necessary moisture and oils on the skin surface to create a soft, fresh appearance that lasts longer.

  • Makeup base: for full coverage, look for a moisturizing liquid Foundation that contains oil and other moisturizing ingredients. Need less coverage? Look for a lightly tinted moisturizer or a light transparent base.
  • Makeup base, thirst-quenching skin: liquid Foundation powder with minerals from Jane Iredale – Golden glow, is uniquely designed for dry skin the Foundation, covering the skin layers using a mixture of prolonged action of hyaluronic acid, aloe Vera, glycerin and liposomes to create moisturized all day flawless coverage in one easy movement.
  • Blush: the right shade of blush creates an innocent, healthy glow that quickly masks dry, dull complexion. Look for a shade of cream or transparent product and apply it, using a fluffy powder brush on cheekbones to create a believable tanned look.

румяна для сухой кожи лица

  • Blush, thirst-quenching facial skin: apply slight movement flirtatious cream blush – naughty biscuit from butter LONDON to bring a moisturizing touch of color to your face. Containing natural emollients, these persistent blush are particularly suitable for the thirsty dry skin.
  • Bronzer: give pale dry skin a radiant tonic – bronzer cream base. Apply a little along the cheeks and chin to create a gentle tan.
  • Bronzer, thirst-quenching skin: bronzer oil Brazilian palm trees from RMS Beauty covers the skin with a bronze hue. Thanks to special ingredients to hydrate and nourish the skin, including Buriti oil Brazilian palm trees, this bronzer is perfect for very dry facial skin.
  • Eyeliner: when defining ritual of applying makeup on dry skin, the eyeliner often do not attach importance. But as powder and pencil tend to exfoliate skin cells and emphasize the wrinkles, liquid eyeliner it is recommended to those people who have dry skin.

кремообразные тени для век

  • Thirst-quenching facial skin eyeliner: pay attention to your eyes with a waterproof liquid eye liner from Stila Cosmetics, which lasts all day. This lightweight, resistant liquid eyeliner won’t leave stains and will not fade, making it the best choice for all those who have dry skin.
  • Eyeshadow: cream eyeshadow cover the eyelids with moisturizing and gentle color layer, which is more persistent and intense than the color obtained when using powdered shadows.
  • Eye shadow, thirst-quenching skin: specially designed for dry skin type cream eyeshadow from RMS Beauty is a versatile eyeshadow that simultaneously moisturize and create a great, lightweight layer of bright color across eyelids.

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