значение колец на разных пальцахWhen choosing jewelry and accessories, you can learn a lot about your personality and psyche. At least this is what most psychologists would agree. However, more important in this respect how you use these jewelry and accessories. In particular, this applies to the rings, and, of course, the fingers on which you wear rings often can also tell you a lot about what kind of person you are. The rings on different fingers determines what personality traits you have.


Rules of wearing rings

значение колец на разных пальцахIt is important to learn about some of the General principles that exist in relation to jewelry and how to wear them. Oval and elongated rings look more elegant and visually make the fingers longer and more attractive. Ladies who do not have high growth and have short fingers, you should avoid wearing large rings with large stones. If your fingers are small and thin, then you should think about smaller and lighter alternatives rings.

Another thing you should consider is the fact that it is not customary to wear big and flashy rings until five o’clock in the evening, especially if it’s not just trinkets and expensive jewelry. Finally, in order to have a good appearance, you should pay attention to the neatness of your fingers and nails that can be done using suitable creams and nail Polish.

Multiple rings on the same finger are considered a sign of tastelessness and bad manners. However, modern designers seem to have solved this problem by creating several identical rings are designed to be worn together, but at least, these rings have something in common – design or material.

There is also eseade interesting belief about the rings and fingers relating to Yin and Yang, in accordance with which, if the right-handed person wears the ring, his or her left hand is Yin, and the right hand acts as Jan. When he or she wears the ring on the Yin, this means obtaining skills and abilities, while the ring on Jan means the opposite – the transfer of skills. Respectively for left-handers need to swap Yin and Yang.


The symbolism associated with rings and fingers

The rings on the thumb. The ancient Greeks associated the thumb of man’s dignity and preservation of male strength and power. That was the main point of wearing the ring on his thumb. Currently, it is believed that those who wear rings on the big toes, trying to add yourself confidence in all possible ways, including in the sexual aspect. For women, this may indicate some male traits, such as perseverance and obstinacy or hot blood, temper. On the other hand, it may indicate some uncertainty or dissatisfaction, especially in terms of intimate life. Women with non-traditional sexual orientation, also wearing rings on the big toes.

If you refer to Yin and Yang, then wear the ring on the Yin-finger means assertiveness and desire to impose their will and desires of others, while for Jan-finger this means a flexible nature and ability to easily obey other people.


The values of the rings on the index finger

значение колец на разных пальцахThe ring on the index finger of the right hand demonstrate the will to power. It also tells about such qualities of character as caution and prudence. As for the rings on the index finger of the left hand, you can talk about such values as the desire to show themselves not who you really are, and developed delusions of grandeur and a tendency to hysteria. Ability to lead depends on it with your finger.

According to the theory of Yin and Yang, wearing a ring on the index finger Yin means a commitment to leadership, while in Jan-finger it means the willingness to accept guidance from others and a willingness to accept a subordinate role. With regard to the symbolic and astrological Association, the index finger is associated with Jupiter, symbolizing strength and power.


The values of the rings on the middle finger

значение колец на разных пальцахThe middle finger is actually a great place to wear the ring that you want to brag about. Many psychologists believe that in such cases the owner of the ring wants to show not only the ring but also himself. No wonder Marilyn Monroe wore his ring on the middle finger in the video of her famous songs about diamonds. Than more effective your ring on the middle finger, the more you want to convince all others that you simply irresistible. Faith in fate and magic can also be identified through the wearing of a ring on the middle finger.

In addition, it is also considered that in this case wear ring on Jan-finger means to be able to distinguish what is right and what is wrong, and to be able to make their own decisions, while for the in-fingers this means again a tendency to seek the guidance of other people. Due to its location, the middle finger is quite often associated with balance, so symbolically it is also associated with Saturn.


The values of the rings on the ring finger

значение колец на разных пальцахOf course, everyone knows that the ring on the ring finger family means a person’s status. According to the beliefs of the ancient Egyptians, there is a nerve that runs from the ring finger directly to the heart, and that is why it is quite a common custom is to wear a wedding ring on the ring finger. Those ladies who are not yet married, but, nevertheless, wear rings on the ring finger should know that, maybe even subconsciously, they really want to change coustatus as soon as possible, at the same time trying to tell everyone around that they’re all just fine. Romantic and dreamy nature, you can also learn using this.

Wear rings on the ring finger of the left hand – not a good idea, because it is a sign divorced ladies or widows. So, if you wear the ring on the Yin-finger, you are likely creative and resourceful person that gives you the chance to solve their problems easily, while for those who wear rings on Jan-finger, it is preferable to teach others and show how they can be creative and use their skills. Delving into the symbolism, you can also find that this finger is associated with the Moon.


The rings on the little finger

This is the exact symptom of extraordinary people. It is a symbol of the creative and refined nature with qualities such as eloquence and persuasiveness. Ring on the little finger also talk about cunning and resourcefulness. It is also believed that those who wear the ring on the little finger, you know how easy it is to find a common language with different people. This, of course, a good start for business success.

The ring on the little finger of Yin indicates such as communication, which is most often used to get all that the owner of the ring wants from others. As for Jan-pinky, the tendency to be led, it is easy to obey and to seize all that others are trying to say, can easily be spotted. Wearing the ring on his pinky there are still some aspects, such as independence from religious and cultural contexts and the chance to make a ring catchy and bright. Pinkie is most often associated with mercury.

You may find here some interesting and new information. Try to be careful when choosing your finger for your favorite rings.

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