Each of the ladies one way or another, faced with cases when freshly applied nail Polish begins to alloplasts. To avoid such situations, it would be correct to abide by the following tips.

Гель-лак: минимальный набор предметов для самостоятельного маникюра2
Be sure to use the base and fixing the coating which does not have color. Moreover, a fixing agent, you can use day in and day out that will extra protection coat nail lacquer.

Caring for the nails, do not forget about the hair. Hair cosmetics online store will allow in the short term to return the Shine, health and beauty.

Do not apply more than two layers of colored lacquer.

After the first coat of nail Polish, you need some time to wait before final drying, and only then apply the next layer.

To proceed to the imposition of varnish is only after all homework is done and there is no need to go anywhere. This advice should be followed because the varnish to dry it is necessary to twelve hours.
лак для ногтей 1
Apply the varnish should be three movements: the main line is applied from the center of the cuticle to the end of the nail, two narrow lines on the sides of the nail.
Before you go to bed, apply the vitamin oil on your nails. In this way you will not only strengthen nails, but will allow the Polish to stay longer.

Before you do a manicure, you need to degrease the nail. Thus, by using the removing the varnish you remove dust, dirt particles and fat particles.

To the varnish was lying on nails smoother and stronger, you need to Polish the nails.

It is useful to use a tool to strengthen nails. Because thin nails stay long varnish will not.
Цвет лака и теней – сочетать или нет?2
Follow the recommendations for safe storage of varnish, as the quality of the varnish will also depend on the duration of high-quality lacquer nail.

Following these simple tips, you will be able to wear beautiful and high quality manicure for a long time.

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