Правила демакияжаThe fair sex has long been concerned with the question of how to preserve the beauty and youthfulness of their skin. Every woman wants to be attractive and charming. Especially important is the care of the skin, proper application of cosmetics and make-up removal. In this article you will learn the basic rules of make-up remover.

Ladies do not leave the makeup at night, make it a rule before bedtime to clear your skin and give comfort and freedom until morning. It is very important to remove makeup from the eyes and eyelids.

First, you need to choose cosmetics. The skin around the eyes is very delicate, and funds must be chosen depending on your skin type. Especially good creams and lotion containing substances that nourish and moisturize the skin around the eyes. This is very important, because dark circles often spoil our image.

Secondly, we must remember that, rinse with plain water from the tap is highly undesirable, as it has a high rigidity. Make-up remover is suitable boiled, mineral or thermal water. You should not wash with water from the tap, especially if You live in the metropolis. Chlorine has not the most beneficial effect on the skin.

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Thirdly, start a make-up remover with removing mascara from your eyes. On a cotton swab, apply a cleansing solution, applied to the eye and wait half a minute, no need to move the ball in different directions, you’re only harming the skin around the eyes and your lashes. Movements should be soft, smooth and neat.

Fourthly, blush, powder and concealer remove with circular motions. On the nose the same make-up removing is performed in a circular motion.

Fifthly, the latter is a make-up remover chin and neck. Remove make-up gently from the right side of the chin to the left and from the neck to the chest.

Sixthly, in conclusion, wipe the face tonic to remove the remnants of makeup. You can then moisturize the skin lightly grease the nourishing cream.

Seventh, remember not to wash off makeup hot or cold water, and do not use make-up remover soap is harmful to your skin. Just wash can be a herbal decoction. Today, all the necessary herbs can be purchased at the pharmacy, they are reasonably priced. This homemade broth will serve You well, significantly transforming the face.

Listen to the advice and take advantage of our rules of make-up remover and then your skin will Shine, freshen up, and will look healthy and youthful for a long time. Take care of your skin every day and then You will notice how it will change.

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