Every child loves playgrounds. This is the best option to play with friends, and mother – to meet familiar with, or keep the conversation going, sociable the woman. Thanks to the care of local authorities and sponsorship regularly appear colorful playgrounds with modern slides, beautiful swings, merry merry-go-rounds and other curios attributes for children’s leisure.
Безопасность посещения детских площадок3
Regardless of the history of the site, it must correspond to the fixed requirements:
– place for children to play and amusement should be located away from the roadway and the possible car parks, which excludes the possibility of a collision inattentive driver;
– slides, swings, children’s carousel and other equipment should be rounded to avoid the use of hooks and bruises;
– the area should have a ground or artificial turf, which softens the blow and reduces the likelihood of serious damage in the fall.

Small children cannot be left unattended in the playing area. This increases the likelihood of injury. Caring parents always accompany their child for a walk, control its behavior, suggest and if necessary help. Neglect of simple rules of security can lead to unpleasant consequences, as evidenced by the vital facts.

In adult responsibilities also includes a visual inspection of the site and detection of emergency children’s equipment. Breakdown better воздержать from exploitation unreliable swings and roundabouts.
Безопасность посещения детских площадок
You must always remember that in any situation is important prudence. Accidents that happen with our children, are a very common mistake adults. And only parents are able to protect your child from possible misfortunes. It is their duty, which is not always done in good faith.

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