Women every day spend the whole day on my feet: go to work, take the kids to daycare and school and pick them up from there. After work have to go to the store, and there is a queue, heavy bags everyday… After such “Hiking” Hiking edema, aching pain in the legs. If time does not begin care of tired feet in a few years they will lose the harmony and beauty.

There are simple procedures that will help to keep the harmony and to get rid of feelings of fatigue. To correct the form of feet, their proportions cannot be surgically (for example, you can change the nose shape, eye shape, or to get rid of excess wrinkles). But to care for them, to keep them healthy, can any woman.

Tips for maintaining healthy feet:

1. It is necessary to pour warm water into the tank, to give her tired feet and massage with a soft brush gently from the feet to the calves upwards. This massage soothes, it is useful to stimulate blood circulation, smoothing the skin.

2. Many women suffer from cracked heels. To ease their condition after the washing of the feet is necessary to use a special cream algologie for them.

3. Swollen feet need to keep about 15 to 20 minutes in warm water, dissolving it in sea salt.

4. Problem takes feet that sweat a lot. It is recommended to wash several times a day. After this useful 15 -minute treatment “soak” in the broth of medicinal herbs — oak bark St. John’s wort, wormwood, and leaves of red ash, keeping the same proportion between them.

5. Women worry about volosistoj feet, they should use the hydrogen peroxide, which contributes to the discoloration of “vegetation.” You should consult endocrinologist to rule out pathological changes in the body.

6. Women who have too wide hips, too, needs to visit a specialist. They are advised a procedure of vigorous massage from the knees to the hips using hard brush or bath gloves, soaked them in cold water.

7. Owners goose bumps, it is necessary to sunbathe in the summer and with the onset of winter is very useful irradiation quartz lamp. And suffering from varicose veins, this procedure is contraindicated.

8. Cold feet not be kept awake by some women. They recommended:

  • they should be Jogging in place, stepping on the tips of the fingers;
  • take a contrast bath for the feet, changing the cold water with warm;
  • wear warm woolen socks;
  • to do in bed after you Wake up exercises for feet: (to raise the feet higher, then lower them and wait for the tide of blood).

In conclusion, heed this advice:

  • The legs have always been healthy and less tired, it is necessary to abandon the high heels.
  • To do gymnastics for feet. For example, sitting in front of the TV, legs to keep the chair, putting it in front of him. It is helpful and heart.

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