Well-groomed woman is beautiful in detail. Luxurious, thick hair, clear skin and healthy nails – the Foundation without which it is impossible to imagine a self-respecting lady. We spend a lot of money on what men call “natural beauty”, and get very upset when you can’t make a beautiful manicure, because the nails do not grow. However, you can avoid unnecessary expenditure on the treatment of nails, if requested to prevent the problem. Certainly, you’ll find a place to spend the saved money – for example, you can put off such an important for girls thing, as the wedding in Moscow.

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What happens to the nail?

So, to begin to understand the reasons for lamination nails. No wonder they say that our appearance is a reflection of our bodies. Did you know that the convex nails is suspected cancer, and if the nail is shaped like a spoon, this indicates a lack of iron in the body, and ought to pay a visit to the doctor. Women are often faced with a yellowish shade on the nails – it’s a clear sign of liver disease, and if the color has been tubercles on the surface, get tested for diabetes.

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One of the most common complaints women are peeling nails. Frankly, those who eat properly, such problems should not arise. After lamination nails – a sign that the body lacks vitamin D, which is contained in the most ordinary products – eggs, butter, cream. The same applies to the problem of brittle nails: check your diet and add in the diet more vitamins and minerals.

Dishwasher is not at all, and, as if advertising is not persuaded us that “Thou art the woman, not dishwasher”, wash dishes have. To avoid damage to nail, masters are advised to use gloves when contact with household chemicals.

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The main constant proper care

Everything should be done gradually. Organizing the wedding, you first go to a wedding Agency Moscow, and then invite visitors. The case with the treatment of brittle things about as well. First of all, you should treat the problem from the inside is to remove the root cause. Because doctors have linked the problem of brittle nails with improper functioning of the thyroid gland, should consult a specialist on this issue.

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Doctors sometimes advise to give the nails a rest. For example, a couple days a week spend without manicure. In addition, special attention should be paid to the nail. It is not recommended to choose a metal option but to purchase the product with a special coating that protects the nail from scratches or cracks. By the way, to rasp the edges of the nail is undesirable, because as a result, they quickly break down. Don’t forget also the cuticle – soften with oil and in time remove, because if it is dry, it may crack and form burrs.

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