форма бровей по типу лицаBeauty is a relative term and very relative. In the modern world the beauty that is not always possible to reconstruct, replace well-groomed, side by side coming from the balance of those or other features. Beautiful face should look balanced, and then it will be perceived as correct and friendly. You want to be seen this way? Then you should know that the shape of the eyebrows on the type of face is not just a fun modern make-up artists, giving advice on this subject. The correct type of eyebrows on the face shape is the basis of theoretical knowledge about beauty and harmony.

What is brow shape for different face types?


Eyebrows for oval faces

форма бровей по типу лица Дженнифер Лоуренс

Jennifer Lawrence

Oval face is the ideal form to recreating seek to holders of other types. The shape of the eyebrows for such person should not be overly predatory, with sharp, curved tips, eyebrows should be neither too low nor too high or causing thickness. May they be of moderate thickness with a pronounced curve, but without passion “scattering”that can visually make the forehead is wider than it is.

Your star landmark – Jennifer Lawrence. Her oval face perfectly with its relaxed shape of the eyebrows, in which there are no sharp lines.


Eyebrows for oblong or elongated face

форма бровей по типу лица Сара Джессика Паркер

Sarah Jessica Parker

The main thing when choosing the right brow shape for a long oblong face is to make it visually a bit shorter as possible. Eyebrows with this person in any case should not be too soaring, to depart from a century long distances and have very expressive bends. Ideal for long faces – almost horizontal eyebrows, visually shorten the forehead, bringing all the attention to the middle part.

Your stellar neighbourhood: Sarah Jessica Parker and Liv Tyler. Eyebrows Sarah Jessica Parker on the entire length stretched in an almost horizontal line, only at the end of breaking off down. Eyebrows Liv Tyler, whose face as a longer, more curved that the actress is permissible with her big blue eyes.


Eyebrows for round face

форма бровей по типу лица Кэтрин Зета-Джонс

Catherine Zeta-Jones

When the round face eyebrows is slightly tapered in order to deprive the cheeks of the child and juvenile swelling and give it a charm of femininity. Do not have to hold, a small “tick” about in the middle of the eyebrows will be enough to give the “flavor” of the round face. Not necessary to intensely focus and artificially raise eyebrows, if in its natural form, they also tend to rounded arc.

An example from the ranks of celebrities: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Michelle Williams. One brunette, the other blonde, both have broad round faces, eyebrows moderate width with a bend in the middle.


Eyebrows for square faces

форма бровей по типу лица Анджелина Джоли

Angelina Jolie

Square face is to harmonize more rounded shape of the eyebrowsthat will not accentuate and exacerbate uncouthness hell. Perfect eyebrows arched, slightly curved, but not too spicy.

Stars that show good examples of beautiful eyebrows when you face shape close to a square: Angelina Jolie, demi Moore, Sandra bullock, Olivia Wilde, Diane Kruger, Paris Hilton. The width of the eyebrows should not be too eccentric neither in one nor in the other direction. Too wide eyebrows will make a woman with a heavy square bottom part of the face masculine, too thin, focus on it.


Eyebrows for triangular (serdtseobraznaya) persons

форма бровей по типу лица Риз Уизерспун

Reese Witherspoon

Triangular face with sharp prominent chin needs eyebrows without sharp bends that will not aggravate his uncouthness. Eyebrows can be broad, but the arc must be smooth, without sharp points and wide “dispersion”.

The brightest in show business representative of this type of person is Reese Witherspoon. Her brows bright, rounded, neat. Softer, too heart-shaped face Scarlett Johansson, eyebrows which is also smooth and rounded.


Eyebrows for pear-shaped face

форма бровей по типу лица Келли Осборн

Kelly Osbourne

Pear-shaped face involves a wide and rounded jaw, sometimes with plump cheeks with narrow and/or low forehead. The correct form of the eyebrows with this type of face is incredibly important, because in this case a big responsibility. They have to draw attention on yourself, distracting from severe lower zone, visually bringing the pear shape to oval or square, depending on the specific structure of the lower pane.

When the face shape pear eyebrows can be wide and expressive, the bend should be moderate, but it is preferable to make it rounded and slightly pointed. If the length of the natural eyebrow is not enough, be sure to adjust them, painting line. Accrete on the nose eyebrow or too close to each other are located, you need to pull out, and when correcting paint or pencil to offset the dark tones with the middle of the face to its contour. Visually it is necessary to shift the focus from the center to the sides, then eyebrows successfully harmonize the face.

Pronounced pear-shaped face Kelly Osbourne, which always emphasizes eyebrow, observing moderation in color, without reducing their length.

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