гольфы выше коленаThe socks above the knee are not only girls of preschool age. New fashion introduces new rules which pulled up behind the fashion trends, the return of long-forgotten details of the wardrobe. The socks above knee pressing and cold, and in summer they can be worn with summer shoes and winter boots, complementing the bold style with a distinct fashionable flair. Wear these socks need to be able, as this accessory does not tolerate rough handling.


Style new Lolita

Not the first glance socks above knee – item causes, on the verge of immaturity and vulgarity. This is only partly true, because a huge number of things you can make as stylish accessories, around which is built the whole way and controversial clothing, causing unambiguous hints.

The socks above the knee really vivid image, reminiscent of the nymphets and Schoolgirls that strange looks on the girls, long ago converted into a different age category and who managed to get a respectable status. The main thing is to exercise extreme caution in introducing these socks in your wardrobe and selecting the suitable pair of shoes.


The development of new forms

The socks above the knee look good on tall girls who can afford the fashionable part to play with the image of a schoolgirl. For several years (especially megacities, which are the Fashion Week, the girls are experimenting with the way pupils English private school, combining socks, above the knee shoes retro style, with short pleated skirts and jackets, reminiscent of the form. It may look stylish, but are often too straightforward. The socks above the knee, you can learn to enter into other stylish images, allowing them to gently shape your style, far removed from the book of classic fantasy writers.


What to wear socks above the knee

  • With boots-pipes or boots with a wide top. The socks fit leg, so, as with other items of clothing or accessories, they look great in close proximity with contrasting elements. These are direct boots-pipe or boots with a wide top, without moving the knee in height. Very stylish and minimalistic look of the socks that just peek out from under tall boots. You can make a small lapel or a little priority them. Also good looking boots with a wide top, similar to a cowboy, they are more suitable for legs moderate weight, but not very thin. Wear socks above the knee high boots is with shorts and mini-skirts, knitted sweater with Irish pattern or smooth jacket with print long cardigan. Goes well with them sweater dress length to mid-thigh.
  • With shoes-oxfords. The most striking example of the combination of Golf within the English style old school. Shoes oxfords can be a classic brown leather or suede, flat shoes or low heels. Wear this combination is best in romantic girlish manner, with dresses in retro style with flared skirts above the knee or mini-version. You can find and more business the epitome of style long socks with oxfords – dark blue, brown or black skirt and a white or bright top in the form of a blouse or jacket. To maintain the image of stylish shoes can leather strap of the same color, and a bag.
  • With ankle boots or army boots. Classic ankle boots to ankle or model, similar to the army boots sole and lace-up, look good with long socks under the condition that the feet do not have the fullness. Otherwise, the boots will visually make the ankle and lower leg even wider. Choose a model in sustainable small heel or wedge. With the pin in the boots need to be careful, in combination with long socks and you may even create definitely vulgar way. Leather boots or boots in military style can look a bit brutal, so the contrast is better to introduce this Shoe in feminine outfits with dresses, skirts, knitted sweatshirts.
  • With shoes with rounded Cape. Retro style for long Golf is one of the most basic combinations. Very good with them look shoes with rounded Cape as classic pumps heavy square heel, or shoes with leather straps in the style of “Mary Jane”. These shoes will be one of the safest supplements socks above the knee, which is perfect for connoisseurs of authentic retro romance. Thanks to the neutrality of the image of the lower zone of the body when choosing rounded the Cape in the absence of aggressive studs, socks above the knee with such shoes can form any combination uppers, ranging from super trendy youth style hoodies and Longsleeves, until tender romance with chiffon blouses and brutality with leather biker jackets.

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