стиль 80Is that fashion develops in a spiral: designers draw their ideas in the fashion of the past years, a new way of interpreting the trends of the past few decades. And now the most vivid signs of the styles of different times again become остромодными. For example, rebellious style of the 80s is reflected in the modern fashion collections of leading Fashion Houses as Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Channel, and others.


Dreams of freedom

The style of 80-s has a strong influence craze for sports. Training ceased to be a means of maintaining health is now the purpose of sportsmen and women have become ideal body: strong, flexible, slender. Sports clothes out of gyms on the streets. In Vogue striped leggings, tight leggings and knitted clothes, absolutely not hinder movements. Became popular jackets sports breed.

Beautiful body became a symbol of high status. But to demonstrate the fruits of their labors in gyms allow fashion style «sexy». Came into fashion clothes short and skimpy – emergence of fabrics with lycra allowed to create things that stressed every twist of the body like a second skin.

The ideal woman of the eighties and is certainly a strong nature. This ideal is reflected in fashion: broad shoulders – hardly probable not the main distinctive feature of the style of 80-x’s. Available jackets masculine cut combined with Frank mini skirts, volumetric shirt with tight leggings, decorated with flounced blouse – free trousers-«bananas». Seductress of that epoch were not so much feminine, how aggressively sexy – these women are not waiting to be picked and chosen by reaching their goals decisively and irreversibly.

Classic suits experienced the second birth: designers hard experimented with proportions, sometimes even going over the brink of good taste. Huge подплечики became necessary detail, and cuts the boat and sleeves «bat» in combination with bobbed hair, even more changed the aspect ratio, giving female figures similarity with the figures of the men.

Fashion entered the bright, «acid» colors. All in the image should be bright, catchy, on the verge of (and even beyond) vulgarity: too narrow or too bulky clothing, too bright, too crazy, too brave. Accessories welcomed too flashy made of plastic or synthetic materials.


Makeup and hairstyles

Fashion for the amount of reflected and in hairstyles eighties. Perming, cascading grooming, incredible in the sixties – in fashion was not just the volume, and the volume of deliberate, even slightly caricatured. Even short haircuts were the most volumetric. In Vogue emphasized unnatural shades, for example, баклажановый, as well as highlighting «feathers».

Makeup was also very striking: mother of pearl, glitter, bright shades of green, jet black, blue, purple, intensively pink and orange) were considered to be reasonable not only in clubs, but also in everyday life. The line between evening and afternoon makeup was erased: it was considered quite normal use during the day sequins and bright shades.


Time of excess

Fashion historians speak of the style of the 80-s, several scornfully: cult дурновкусия that reigned in those years, the modern man is rather bewilderment than delight. And if the ideas of designers of those years sometimes seem attractive, street fashion is unlikely to cause someone has a desire to get dressed in a similar style. However, many of modern designers are increasingly turning to fashion eighties in search of original ideas, which in the decade enough.

Many designers sadly say that the eighties were the last decade that really brought in the history of fashion something new. No matter how ambiguous was not the style of this era, fashion 80’s have a bright individuality.


New look

Of course, the return of the eighties fashion can not speak, and yet some of the details of this style can be clearly seen in the current fashion collections. Many designers to forgo the softness in favor of a certain aggressiveness. Fashion in the penultimate decade of the last century straight jackets combined with фуражками, shiny metal chains and leather straps and buckles. The bold and extravagant, and such emphasized the rough leather, denim, allow to create the image of a freedom-loving woman who is ready to victories and achievements.

Tight leather pants, contrasting motives, emphasized decorative shoes – all these details allow to create new, unforgettable images. Shiny fabric and neon colors, jackets-pilots and transparent materials, Bermuda and clothing «somebody’s back» – such trends although not identical trends eighties, but clearly hint at the fashion of those years.


Properly wear

Dressed in full accordance with the fashion of the 80s be appropriate, perhaps only for a theme party. The image may be only an allusion to the fashion of the era. For example, modern styles can be combined with bright hues characteristic of that era. This should take into account that neon colors very few people are – they can only afford a very bright woman with a cold type appearance.

Clothing «oversize» is also rather doubtful choice. Such things fit only the most desperate women of fashion, possessing, moreover, a perfect figure. Combined with tight things clothes for a couple of sizes larger than to create a feeling of fragility and tenderness, but to create such combinations should have good taste not to look like a caricature.

Puffy sleeves and «dropping» shoulders, edgy leather biker jackets, massive decorations and подплечики, wide belts and leather bracelets, short skirts and dresses in the style of «military» – all these details are relevant in the contemporary wardrobe, more importantly, use them sparingly and unobtrusively.

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