Nail art is a new kind of art, which is the ornament of nails. Using varnishes, acrylic and water acrylic paints, rhinestone, foil, sequins, and other decorative elements on the nails are created amazing beauty of the works of art.

Today one of the most popular techniques of nail art is considered Chinese painting of nails. This vocational coating has another name – the technique of «double smear».
Техника дизайна ногтей, привезенная из Китая1
We are using only flat brushes, master achieves such transitions, that figure visually seems surround, his identification with traditional Chinese painting – Guohua. Chinese painting represents the tranquility of the soul in unity with the nature, the simplicity and the natural beauty, it’s out of fashion and time.

Depicted on the nails with this technology, a variety of open flowers: exquisite orchids, modest cornflowers and chamomiles, majestic roses, tender dahlias, snow-white lilies, charming chrysanthemums, also it can be any representative of the animal world. Whatever it is – even the usual figure, but he finds sophistication and realism. Select the picture depends on the preferences of the client, his style in clothes or upcoming events.
Техника дизайна ногтей, привезенная из Китая2
For painting nails with this technology uses a special acrylic paints, which will impact when applied in the best way. It is also very important that the paint does not require dilution and quickly dried. Master carefully combination of colors, combined gamma must provide the required patches of light, the shadows, the original invoice.

But all the secrets of the creation of unique paintings Chinese painting is known only to the specialists of nail design, who have studied this art by Chinese masters.

Article publication date: November 4, 2013

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