туники из шифонаWhen the spring-summer season, girl in a hurry to update your wardrobe. At the forefront are the details of the lightest fabrics, floral or other colorful figures, large applications. And tunic chiffon at this time became one of the most favorite items of clothing for women of any age and physique. It has many advantages, allowing you to feel comfortable in any heat, hide, completeness or excessive leanness behind the draperies or a printed picture.

The tunic is made of chiffon some find cheap analogues more noble silk knitted or cosy models. But if to choose a beautiful style, good design, chiffon tunics will look no less stylish and can complement any way, from casual to elegant evening. The main thing is to find the right style to a particular case, without neglecting the selection of the appropriate print or making a choice in favor elegant, monochrome models.


Classic tunic chiffon

Traditional tunic of chiffon fabric has a moderate transparency, the length comes to about mid thigh, has wide or adjacent, slightly flared sleeves three quarters. Throat this tunic often has a V-neck or a small cut, connecting small sharp V-shaped with rounded, which makes this tunic is similar to the old model. Such tunics for summer often give printed pattern, small or medium-sized floral, geometric, psychedelic, bright or dark colors.

Classic blouse-tunic suitable for wearing in everyday life, in combination with a contrasting colour and texture of the lower part. It can be worn with jeans, sandals with heels if the dress is not official and business. The tunic is made of chiffon muted tones easy to wear to work with pencil skirt. No one has only to combine this tunic with strict press the arrow is the subject of different categories, which are poorly coexist in the same way.


Beach tunic chiffon

Where to wear beautiful robe of light fabric, not as a walk along the coastline? Chiffon beach tunic – the most free in his style diversity of models that can be worn without down at all. If you have a nice bathing suit, especially if its bottom presents closed shorts, you need no skirt or pair to cover the area of the body. Can emerge from salt water, to dry themselves with a towel and wear a tunic, preferably bright colors, so as not to attract the sun’s rays. Chiffon tunics to the beach should not be intricate cut, you can choose the simple things, without belts, shoelaces and gums that the body was comfortable. Sleeve – easy-wide or a cut “flying mile”that was so popular in the eighties. On vacation, you can wear the most daring transparent tunic, putting them under a bright swimsuit.


Tunic dress chiffon

This model was very popular three-four decades ago, and with the filing of modern couturier who demonstrate an enviable unanimity, looking to the side retro, such models are returned. From season to season such fashion houses as Etro, Emilio Pucci, Issa and many other display on the podium models clothed in long dresses, tunics made of chiffon, as with a small floral printed pattern, with a very bold geometric prints and completely monochromatic. But certainly in rich colors like red, orange, green, sky-blue. Such dresses can be a worthy replacement evening dresses, which put women pool party under the open sky in the midst of the summer heat. Perfect such tunics chiffon for full that can look for themselves as very long and model of the knee.


The tunic is made of chiffon with their hands

Needlewomen can try their hand at sewing, then to wear stylish details, made with their own hands. How to knit tunic chiffon quickly and inexpensively? For this you will need chiffon, length of length of which is equal to the length of your future tunic, multiplied by two. Width of the fabric is the distance from one sleeve to another, if to put her hands in different directions. Rent prepared chiffon and fold it in half. Schedule a mid – here will be located throat cut, which you need to cut by half circle or in the form of V on the front side.

You will see that half of the things you have already done. Next you need to determine the width and length of the sleeves and width of the tunic. You can sketch a simple adjacent sleeve three-quarter length or style of “the bat”. Mark small desirable place of the cut and cut the shape of the tunic. You can leave long sleeves and a solid or leave the shoulder with a cut from the outside. Connect the halves of the tissue on the sewing machine or manually working fine dotted stitches on the planned joint.

Chiffon fabric is very thin and easy to change, so lay people it is hard to deal with. Before sewing necessarily attach his tunic manual seam or pins. Edge chiffon tunics should carefully bend, and all “shaggy” zones to be sewn. If you fail, contact your local Atelier, where you will be able to create a piece of air chiffon, which you have chosen, stylish summer tunic.

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