туника из платковThe tunic of handkerchiefs with your hands is an affordable and easy way to get stylish thing at a price much lower than it would cost when buying ready. But not only money on it. This option tunic good for many people who are looking to use their creative energy, not giving them rest. If you are not good at making things yourself, don’t worry – tunic, you can create his own hands without the use sewing machines, doing several handkerchiefs, and in some cases will fit only one.


How to choose a handkerchief to tunic

The correct choice of shawl depends on the success of your self-made tunics, so the choice should be taken seriously. Assortment of scarves that are suitable for Tunick, broad, but at the same time to choose suitable not difficult. You need to decide on the material for the tunic – will it be adjacent and clean lines or air, with flowing floors and overlap. The choice of colors is also depends on where you are going to wear a tunic and what to wear.

Selection criteria handkerchiefs:

  • The figure. Slender girls are not afraid Shine fabrics such as silk and satin, and a bright light shades. If you have a good figure, you can stock up on a few large square scarves made from silk, juicy solid colors or bright cheerful prints. If the figure require masking certain problem areas, the shining satin scarf will give you volume, especially if you awkwardly drape the body, giving it splendor. Look for the handkerchiefs of thin fabric, restrained colors, muted colors, dark colors, but the figure recommended medium in size, but in any case not much contrast with the color of the canvas.
  • The purpose of the tunic. Tunic for the beach and for decorating kit casual – not the same. Choosing a scarf for summer tunic for a beach holiday, you have virtually no restrictions. Other job – creating with their own hands accessory for casual attire. Patterns famous French house Hermes, producing a cult silk scarves deep red color, is a version for the beach, pool party, but not always similar accessory relevant in everyday life.

If you are going to wear the tunic on top of a set of leggings or jeans with a tight-fitting halter top, svetlodom or turtleneck, adhere to the laws color balance, but try to print and color tunic is in keeping with the style of your outfit. To avoid mistakes and not to get in trouble when combined, have two or three similar in style tunics, one of which will be bright, and the other dark, with minimalist pattern or a solid color, and a third neutral light shade, also monophonic or with the graceful figure. This allows you, firstly, always have on hand the appropriate option depending on the choice of the basis of the outfit, and secondly, you can connect two handkerchief in one tunic, expanding the range of their creative abilities.


The tunic of shawls: needlework without scissors

How to knit tunic of shawls? If you want to use their design skills, you don’t have something to sew. Scarves tunic can be bought and large enough – in order to connect them, then untied and trying other versions.

  • The first way. Take two large silk or satin scarf of the same size. The color scheme can be close, you can take identical handkerchiefs or very different – so even more interesting. Connect them in one area and neatly tie so that was a small site. Place it on one shoulder so that both handkerchief appeared on different sides of the body. Take the opposite corners of shawls and drag them armpit, linking there. The tunic is almost ready, you only have to decide how better to fix it on the sides – pin, brooch, a silk belt or thin leather strap. To wear it at the beach.
  • The second way. Take one long and wide handkerchief, chiffon or opaque from a dense fabric. Embrace it, two end and put in the back so he covered the body. The tip that you hold with your left hand, pull so that he was on the right shoulder. The tip that hold your right hand, pull on the bottom through the armpit, leading through the back and there linking two areas. It is also excellent and very simple option tunic for the beach. If you take knitted tippet, you will be able to make such an interesting fashion composition within everyday way, putting on the smooth turtleneck.
  • The third way. Take two long scarf of the same, in one scheme or contrasting colors. Straighten them up, then gently put one handkerchief on one shoulder, the other on the other. Front and rear fan shawls, if necessary, connecting them with each other pins or belt. This is the easiest way to make variety in everyday way or quickly create an elongated tunic for the beach.

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