In the wild wood mushroom Reishi occurs very rarely. Previously, he was incredibly expensive, till he took out his methods of cultivation. The Reishi mushroom has a wide range of therapeutic effects.
Применение и свойства целебного гриба Рейши2
For people with cardiovascular disease, Reishi a godsend. Already after the first dose, a few hours later, at significantly reduced blood cholesterol levels. Extract wood fungus is able to normalize pressure as low and high. Its use is very important as a reduction agent after a stroke or heart attack. Reishi promotes reduction of myocardial oxygen starvation, prevents the development of heart failure. Can Reishi mushroom buy in a pharmacy. It’s publishing in the form of alcohol or water extracts, capsules, powder.

The Reishi mushroom is quite effective in the treatment of lung diseases such as bronchitis, asthma, tuberculosis. The treatment is long-term, but side effects, not causes. Also Reishi is used for the relief of allergic conditions. Contained in a wood fungus substance lanoitan has a delaying effect on the formation of antibodies.

In folk medicine the Reishi mushroom is known as a strong anti-cancer agent. It is successfully used in treatment of cancer of the pancreas, esophagus, lung, prostate, brain, liver, kidneys. Members of the fungus active substances inhibit tumor development, rendering a dampening effect. Patients using Reishi, more resistant to radiation therapy and chemotherapy. After the procedure is not observed a sharp drop of the blood and the reduction of immunity. In addition, increases the effectiveness of chemotherapy.

The Reishi mushroom is advisable to use as an aid in diabetes. The long reception Reishi helps lower blood sugar, which gives the possibility to reduce the dose gipoglikemicakih funds. The drug can prolong and exacerbate the effects of insulin.
Применение и свойства целебного гриба Рейши
The Reishi mushroom has a positive effect on Central nervous system, causing the production of endorphins. Tree fungus is able to calm the nervous system, not causing drowsiness. This activity is observed during wakefulness, increased mental performance, and the dream becomes more strong and calm. Reishi can apply for General health, so he has a lot of useful substances and vitamins needed by the body.

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