The hands of women is stronger than most give her age. Who does not know this hackneyed phrase? Do not have to wonder, because the skin on the hands, the nails of hands, every day adversely impacted. This dry air, hard water, the chemical composition of different cleaners and much more. One external protection gloves insufficient and to preserve the beauty you have so daily care of hands and nails. Every woman has their favorite set of tools, and almost every uses a special bath for nails.
Польза масляных ванночек3
How pleasant it is to care for yourself in a well-ordered and beautiful bathroom. For example in the bathroom, in the interior of which is used tile ceradim anemonas. Pleasant pastel color tiles for the floor and walls of the collection Аnemonas will take pleasure in the moments stay in the bathroom. Panels with anemones made in soft shades in harmony with the main tile. The decor and border tile from the manufacturer Сeradim different refinement in the selection of colors.
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Every woman deserves to indulge yourself in moments of pleasure, caring for the skin in a pleasant atmosphere. To strengthen the effect of relaxation will help essential oil. It can be used with any procedure trays for nail art, whether it be oil, salt or any other procedure.
For the oil bath is to prepare a mixture of any plant, better olive oil with castor. The mixture should be warmed to body temperature in a water bath. Nails dipped in a bath of oil, adding the essential ingredient. Essential oil not just create the atmosphere, but will have an additional effect on the nail plate.
Польза масляных ванночек2
The oil bath strengthen nails, accelerate their growth, due to moisture to prevent breakage of the nail plate. If used as a flavoring oil ylang-ylang, nails will gain strength and will not delaminate. After applying the oil bath with a few drops of ylang-ylang nails have the Shine and Polish. A beautiful Oriental fragrance will give the entire procedure an element of calm and luxury.

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