Technologies in the field of nail service is not standing still. One of these innovations was the floor for nail shellac. This method of coverage convenient for those who has no time for frequent visits nail salons, but always wants to have a well-groomed nails.
Применение шеллака в домашних условиях2
Shellac is a mixture of lacquer and gel, no odor and noxious substances. This is a great material, which does not damage the structure of nails. Dries such coverage in the ultraviolet lamp. The duration of manicure with application of shellac takes about an hour. Naturally, the procedure of application of shellac is not the treatment of the tooth, so it is painless and easy to implement at home.

Step by step instructions for independent manicure with application of shellac:

- To shape the nails. Detachment of the nail plate to remove the file. To proprivate the nail is not worth it.

- To produce degreasing nails. Need a means to moisten a lint-free cloth and carefully wipe the nails. After rubbing, nails, not covered with a varnish, touch undesirable. Otherwise sebum can get to the nail plate, which will reduce the quality of manicure.

- Apply shellac, as the main floor, with a thin layer. To dry the first layer ultraviolet lamp few seconds. This layer promotes the best coupling of nail varnish. The end of the nail need to seal each layer. This is done in order not occurred early chipped coverage on the tips of the nails.

- Apply a color thin layer of lacquer. To seal the end of the nail and 2 minutes to dry in ultra-violet lamp.

- To manicure held firm and not faded, it is recommended to apply another, the upper layer of shellac. To put it should dense layer, capturing the entire surface of the nail. After sealing face, dry under the lamp 2 minutes.
Применение шеллака в домашних условиях3
– With the previous coverage shellac, you must remove the upper part. This sticky layer appears as a result of polymerization gel component. Carry out its destruction using a cotton disks or napkin. Only now the nail plate can be touched without fear of getting excess fat.

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