Today a person’s appearance is very important. It is a pleasant appearance and neatness in everything produces the surrounding favorable impression. One attribute of neat appearance is a manicure. Clean nails are not only elements of the image of man, but also an indicator of health status, if in the body.
В человеке все должно быть прекрасно, особенно ногти3
To ensure the protection of a certain area are created canopies, representing a semicircular roof. The design of the canopy consists of a metal chassis and lightweight material covering it. The coating material may be very different, the most common today, the material is polycarbonate canopies.
Акрил и женские ногти4
In addition to adjusting the shape of the nails on nails can be applied special nourishing and strengthening products, containing vitamins, as well as a protective coating. The protective coating provides isolation of the nail plate from the ingress of dirt and water, as well as from temperature changes and other negative factors. In most cases, the coating is transparent and is barely noticeable on the nail.
It should be noted that manicure today adorns the hands of not only women but also men. First manicure is neatly trimmed nails, aligned with the help of a nail file, cuticle removed. It is best if the nail file is made of glass, because the nails have a layered structure. Nail file made of glass “seals” the joints of the layer, preventing, thus, destruction of the nail plate.
Ногти - украшение женщины2
Decorative nail, so loved by ladies, can often be created with paints. There are a large number of varnishes, each of which has not only its decorative properties, but also its rate of drying and the stability of the spin-coating. The last two properties are largely determined by the composition of the varnish. It is best to choose a nail varnishes which do not dry too quickly, as they can damage the nail plate, depriving it of moisture. Optimum drying time of the lacquer is a period from eight to fifteen minutes.

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