How many positive emotions cause people’s hands. How much passion they give in different situations. Their touch in the business handshake, in the caring touch of the child or in the affection of a loved one remembered in some cases for life. So for them it is necessary to care constantly. Their appearance can say a lot about its owner.

Nail care of the hands and feet

View of the hands and feet it is not only aesthetics, but also a feeling of lightness beauty and youth. Their beauty is judged not only by the condition of the skin. Nails and aesthetics show the true age of the person. It’s nails on the hands and feet can determine how we love ourselves beautiful.
You can and should take care of their nails daily. But it is better to entrust them to experienced professionals. Only a professional can, at a high level to make them beautiful and alive. In his Arsenal for this, for example:

To support in the proper form we need not only to himself but to the other half.Spring into fashion nourish spring Park male, so if you have not got this handy piece of clothing, hurry — spring is coming.

Classic hygienic manicure – with nail scissors or tweezers removed the cuticle. This procedure starts from the baths for the hands.
Manicure is a kind of European edging manicure. During this procedure the cuticles are not clipped, and released from dead cells. It is recommended only for dry skin people with problematic nails (uneven surface ribbed, splitting).
Hot manicure – its application is well suited to dry and brittle nails. It experts recommend that people with dry skin, men with closely located vessels, children who have more delicate and thin cuticle.

Classic pedicure – it is a cut and neobicnim (European). In the first case the cuticle is cut, the second European it is dissolved by special means.

Pedicure is the effect on dead skin cells with a special drug. Before carrying out this procedure, the surface is treated with a disinfectant.

Protection and strengthening of natural nails

Today there are many ways to protect the nail. One of the most common and effective, which is recommended for professionals, is IBX. This two-component system that affects the structure of the nail, strengthens from the inside out. Thin and brittle nails, it is used for medicinal purposes. The technology of this system is aimed at maximum absorption in the nails. It is used to protect the surface from nail varnishes and gel varnishes.
Be careful! Neglected nails can lead to inflammation.

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