лак от грибка ногтейThe varnish on the nail fungus is one of the most simple and innovative ways to treat this infection. Its easy to use, it is effective and has few contraindications, you can choose different tools depending on the budget and goals of prevention or treatment. The choice of modern varnishes from fungal infection is quite wide, so even with such an unpleasant defeat cured in a short time.

If a fungal infection of the nail platinum you familiar to you, then you are prone to this type of disease. First, is to strengthen the immune system, and secondly, to improve hygiene measures, and thirdly to acquire high-quality lacquer to prevent nail fungus.

To find the best nail Polish from fungus simple – name drugs are widely known and available in any pharmacy.


The most well-known antifungal lacquers

лак от грибка ногтей ЛоцерилThe varnish on the nail fungus Loceryl – French tool, the basis of which lies the substance amorolfine. Loceryl is recommended for use in prophylactic and therapeutic purposes, if the person is not more than two thirds of the nail plate. The paint is applied on the affected plate of the hands and feet one or two times per week until full recovery. Duration of use of loceryl nail Polish can last up to a year.

Of the side effects is pain in the nail plate. For children lacquer Loceryl is not recommended.

лак от грибка ногтей МикозанThe varnish on the nail fungus of Miksan is a therapeutic serum. In the preparation contains Water (47,6%), the filtrate enzyme rye (40%) and pentalogic hydroxyethylcellulose (0.9 per cent). Miksan is not recommended for children under the age of four. It fixes a fungal infection rather quickly: apply the varnish on the nail should every morning and evening, continuing a course of not less than four weeks. This is the main course, but then you should continue to use Milsana for three to six months to complete the change of the nail plate.

Miksan can be applied not only to prevent fungal infection in education, but also to strengthen thin peeling nails. To do this, apply the varnish on the nail every day until you see improvement.

Additional side effects : – irritation of the skin around the nail, which hits the nail during application.

лак от грибка ногтей ДемиктенIf you are looking for a cheap nail Polish from a fungus, note Demican, whose price is much lower than other popular medications. Demican produced in Russia and operates on the basis of natural formic aldehyde is a powerful antifungal substance. In addition to its directional action against fungal infection, nail Polish, Demican eliminates odor from nail and gently restores the normal functioning of the affected tissues. Unlike other drugs of its pharmacological family, Demican does not irritate the skin around the nail, and Vice versa, is fighting for her healing, does not cause swelling and redness, relieving irritation. He has no contraindications and can be used as therapeutic, prophylactic and hygienic means for strengthening and General health of the nail plate.

лак от грибка ногтей БатрафенBatrafen – German anti-fungal nail Polish, which works on the basis of ciclopirox. This tool has a wide range of applications for different types of fungal nail infections.

Apply Batrafen should be no longer than six months, watching the healing process. In the first month of use it is applied every other day once per day, the second month – twice a week, on the third month and then once a week.

Not recommended during pregnancy, lactation, children under ten years, and hypersensitivity to the components.


Peculiarities of application and precautions

In order to prevent or stop the development of a fungal infection, there are other forms of medication, but the varnish against nail fungus is the most preferred. Unlike creams, its use is more hygienic – you do not need to RUB the hands, it is applied with a brush, so you have reduced the risk of further spread of the bacilli.

The drug is applied to the nail plate, which penetrates deeply into it and destroys the spores of fungal infection.

Continue applying the varnish need until, until you grow a healthy plate, and the affected will not be cut, but the treatment doesn’t stop there and can last for several weeks depending on the varnish of the type of lesion and the rate of regeneration of the nail plate.

Lipsticks usually have a set of files or spatula for application. These shovels should be used during application of a varnish, but you cannot use them with manicure for healthy nails.

For hygiene procedures apply to the nail affected by fungus toenails gloves. In the future, do not wear someone else’s shoes, watch your hygiene in public places – in the bath, pool, Solarium.

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