театральный гримThe basic idea of theatrical make-up, as well as, actually any makeup, an illusion. But the specifics of this illusion is the main difference between stage makeup from everyday makeup. Images that creates theatrical makeup on stage, very different from what you usually do with the help of decorative cosmetics.

Your everyday makeup is aimed at the correction of skin imperfections and submission of its merits in the most favourable light. The main purpose of theatrical make-up – creating dramatic effect, the makeup is more dense and heavy than cosmetics consumer.

In the image theatrical makeup is no less important than the costume in which the actor plays a role. With the help of makeup the actor gets the opportunity to transform into another person and trying on different looks, to fully Express his talent.


Theatrical makeup and regular makeup: what is the difference

что такое театральный гримIn fact, between theatrical makeup and cosmetics for everyday use not so much of a difference as it might seem at first glance. Theatrical makeup is more dense and saturated than “dekorativka”, grim has a more dense texture and a higher level of pigment. The high content of pigment provides bright makeup, this is especially important in stage performances. Makeup creates the desired contour of the face, with its help you can change your face shape, visually age the skin, to draw a scar, nevus and so on.

Cosmetics mass market has a more light texture, pigment it much smaller, and the colors of the pigments as close to the natural shades. The goal of conventional cosmetics do not create a bright and expressive image that you have a good view even from the last row of the gallery, and correction of minor imperfections of the skin and underline natural beauty.

Theatrical makeup is an integral part of, the compulsory Annex to the suit, while decorative cosmetics acts as a backdrop because the perfect makeup is makeup that is almost invisible.


Can I use theatrical makeup in everyday life

театральный грим в повседневной жизниIn fact, theatrical makeup is a heavier version of makeup. Makeup can be used in everyday wear, it all depends on personal preference. Some people prefer light, neutral makeup, and someone who likes bright, saturated shades and makeup from oily and dense texture. Makeup created using theatrical makeup, looks is not too relevant in everyday life, too bright and heavy, it can seem vulgar and tasteless. But there are women who are difficult to work out that eyelashes do not need to be eight layers of mascara, and the color of shadows should not compete in brightness with the lights.

Cosmetics can replace theatrical makeup with the stage image. For dramatic effect makeup should be applied over the dense layer, but in some cases, the role requires soft and natural makeup, and then the usual cosmetics cope with the task much better than a special theatrical makeup.

In principle, the makeup of consumer it looks more organic on stage than theatrical makeup in everyday life. No theatrical performance, film or TV show can not do without the use of makeup, with the help of creamy or powdery textures professional makeup artists embody a variety of images.


Errors in the work with theatrical makeup

ошибки в театральном гримеIn applying theatrical makeup make mistakes even those who know the art of conventional makeup. And no wonder – yet it is not the same thing.

Upon closer examination of the makeup on the face looks too rough, but the audience, looking at the face of the actor, you see a very different picture. This is the main specificity of stage makeup.

To find the right balance in working with theatrical makeup is difficult enough, but knowing certain rules, you can avoid the most common mistakes in applying makeup. Check them out and ways of their solution.


The way to solve

The rejection of base makeup

Theatrical makeup is much heavier and denser decorative base makeup base that is used in theatrical makeup, require special skills, so often in makeup actors makeup artists use ordinary base and creams. When applying base makeup is very important to carefully blend the product on the cheekbone and lower jaw, so that between the skin tone on the face and neck there was not much difference. If you’re going to spend a considerable sum on something cosmetic, it is better to buy for the money quality base makeup.

All sweat

Stage light sometimes ruthlessly outlines what I would like to hide. Often during the performance the actors sweat a lot and makeup the task is to minimize this phenomenon, i.e. to make the sweat less noticeable. In such cases, use waterproof cosmetics.

Do not evaluate the result at close range

In applying theatrical make-up some are exceedingly cautious when evaluating the results from the point of view of everyday makeup. After applying makeup, step back from the mirror as far as possible, and you make sure that the makeup looks quite wrong, as you saw earlier.

Caution: color

Colors of makeup should respond to the specificity of the image, in this case, given that the audience looks at the actor from afar, the makeup should not be based on color intensity, but rather its saturation.

Don’t forget the details

The lack of skills of some make-up artists are focusing on the image as a whole, forgetting about the details. Makeup must-have mascara and eyeliner, and mascara, and eyeliner should be black, brown tone is inappropriate here, as compared to the black they look pale and expressionless.

Theatrical makeup is used not only in theatre, professional cosmetics used in makeup musicians, variety artists, television and so on. If you work in an office, you are unlikely to appreciate the advantages of theatrical make-up, but if after work you play in Amateur theatre, the makeup is just what you need.

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