Winter nails are particularly susceptible to breakage, delamination and other problems that make it difficult to maintain the hands in good condition. Fortunately, to deal with all these problems it is easy enough to arrange therapeutic baths and masks for nails.
Лечебные ванночки и маски для ногтей
Reasons why nails are broken, there may be many violations of water-lipid balance of the skin, the influence of temperature changes and cold, physical work. For example, when moving, instead of doing all the work yourself, it is much better to trust the professionals – Movers for the move will do everything quickly and efficiently.
To make the skin softer and your nails stronger, to accelerate their growth and to reduce brittleness, it is useful to arrange weekly therapeutic baths and masks for nails. Options baths and masks a lot – every woman can choose what she likes best, or what is easiest to make of the products that are available at hand.
Лечебные ванночки и маски для ногтей5
For example, you can mix a teaspoon of honey with two egg yolks and 200 ml of milk. Slightly heating the resulting mixture should be poured into the bowl in which it is convenient to give up. To keep her hands should 10-15 minutes, until the moment when the milk has cooled.
You can also mix two tablespoons of castor oil with a pinch of salt – you have a wonderful mask for nails. It can be worn for 10-15 minutes, and on all night, wearing hand gloves.
A good bath for nails is obtained from the ordinary warm water add a teaspoon of sea salt. After her hands need to apply moisturizer and rinse it at least half an hour.

Baths and masks nail will allow your hands to be always healthy and well-groomed, at any time of the year!

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