Три важных вопроса о женском бельеAs with underwear, you can adjust the shape?

Correctly to pick up clothes is an art. Let’s begin with the elementary true. Never buy underwear on the eye: it need to try. And feel free to ask the seller again you measure, no doubt with the size. Only then start to experiment. Want to visually enlarge Breasts – choose a push-up or a model with silicone inserts, I wish to emphasize the reason for small Breasts – buy special bras with triangular cups. There are also brasthat visually reduces and supportive too big Breasts — they have to be equipped with wide straps. If you have large hands, try it on a set of bright colors. Will draw attention to the chest – away from the hands. Oddly enough, the choice of bra is less of a problem than finding matching panties. But they are also very important to choose the right!

Cut shorts, thongs (they are left open buttocks) and slips (underwear with a narrow sidewall) are visually lengthen the legs. And indeed the slip is the best option for girls with larger than 46-48. Well hide the fullness of the shorts. Just keep them on the hips!!!

What women’s underwear like most about men?

It is believed that purple and blue linen, as opposed to, for example, red and black, more to appease your loved one, than to cause an attack of animal passion. But it’s all so individual! Opinion polls consistently show that men prefer a transparent, simple enough, if not to say sports underwear. Lace, bows and butterflies – it’s still our women’s prerogative. However, the most important men’s desire for our linen is very simple – make it easy to shoot! Hence the love of the simple models. But the corsets, complicated belts, and other stuff the stronger sex is very cautious. Be careful putting the relief bras and panties under clothes smooth.

It is one thing when men see the “piece” of the combination at the neckline or shoulder straps slackened. It is really pleasantly tickles your nerves and wakes imagination. Completely different, if under the clothes entirely veiled figures and style. This “Stripping without stripper”? And especially jealous connoisseurs of female beauty argue at all: “Underwear should be painting frame, not a priority!” Try argue!

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