Три важных вопроса о женском бельеThere is one simple but powerful recipe transformation of an ugly duckling into beautiful: under everyday clothes you want to wear gorgeous lingerie. And although you know it will be only you, the changes will feel if not everyone, then certainly every second passing by a man. How to choose the “gorgeous lingerieand become in the eyes of others Queen – read right now.

1. What underwear should I wear?

Foam lace, reminiscent of the bride dress, or simple linen severity – choose what is closer to you, but do not forget that and linen this will create an important part of the wardrobe. Releasing the catwalk models in translucent or provocative unbuttoned dresses, designers, fashion houses have obliged us to closely monitor what is usually hidden under clothing, but today, paraded. Options there are several. The first, which has already become a classic to wear transparent clothing simple, almost Puritan underwear. Second, appeared not so long ago, to create a unified whole: to choose underwear with such a quantity of lace, ruffles and zippers that it was impossible to tell where it ends blouse and begins bodice. So you can’t go wrong if you buy a white dress in the lingerie style or linen, comparable in chastity with a classic dress.

Still fashionable to wear corsets and matching panties with a wide belt and lace up back.

For those who don’t like to limit myself monochrome linen, you can offer kits leopard, English cell and classic polka dots.

Hit of the season – funny bras, t-shirts and panties, made as if for a little girl: unusual flowers, disney characters, paillettes and sequins.

And yet, once in the lingerie store, don’t forget to look around: find a surprisingly stylish and warm Slippers, hot water bottles, which can be easily confused with fur toys, and other cute things that make our life more enjoyable and more beautiful.

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