Три важных вопроса о женском белье2. As with underwear, you can adjust the shape?

Correctly to pick up lingerie is an art. Let’s start with the elementary truths. Never buy underwear on the eye: it is necessary to try. And don’t hesitate to ask the seller again you measure, no doubt with the size. Only then start to experiment. Want to visually enlarge breast – choose push-up or a model with silicone inserts, I wish to emphasize the elegance of lines small Breasts – buy special bras with triangular cups. There are also bras, visually reducing and supportive too large Breasts, they must be equipped with wide straps. If you have a full hands, try to try a set of bright colors. Will draw attention to the chest will distract him from the hand! Oddly enough, the choice of a bra causes fewer problems than finding a matching camisole. But it’s also very important to choose the right!

The zipper on the shorts – thongs (they leave open the buttocks) and slips (this pants with narrow sidewall) visually lengthen the leg. Anyway slip – the best option for girls with larger than 46-48. Well conceal the fullness of shorts. Just do not let go of them on the hips!!!

3. What lingerie like men?

It is believed that purple and blue linen, unlike, for example, red and black, is able to quickly appease your loved one, than to call the attack an animal passion. But it’s all so individual! Polls consistently show that men prefer clear, simple enough, if not to say sports underwear. Lace, bows and butterflies – it’s still our women’s prerogative. However, the most important men’s desires for our linen is very simple – so that it can be easily removed! Hence the love for simple models. But the corsets, complex zones and other tricks of the stronger sex is very cautious. Be careful putting the relief bras and panties smooth under clothes.

It is one thing when the male eye opening “piece” of the combination in the neckline or slipped the straps. It’s really nice tickles the nerves and wakes imagination. Totally different, if under clothes entirely veiled figures and style. This “strip without Striptease” very few people like. A particularly jealous connoisseurs of female beauty in General say: “Underwear should be painting frame, and not to come to the fore!” Try debate!

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