As the saying goes, “Beauty rules the world”. But here there was another aphorism: “the Beauty demands victims”. Ideally there should be everything: haircut, hairstyle, make-up, clothes, nail condition.

In the fight for beauty girls have two choices: either spend huge funds to beauty salons, or be smarter and spend the same salons much less using discount coupons promoads. But now is not about that.
Три мифа о вреде наращивания1
Not all girls can boast beautiful long nails, it is for them in every beauty shop wizard works on escalating of nails gel and acryl. A huge number of girls already appreciated capacity. But in addition to the admirers building appeared and ardent opponent who consider it harmful. Try to understand.

There is an opinion that the increase spoils the natural nails. Not worth it to believe it. To spoil the nails may as unskilled master and the owner of the artificial nails, but not material. Master taught can avoid many mistakes in technology, to cut the natural nail or illiterate remove the nail plastics. The client can spoil the natural nail, trying to remove the gel/acrylic, tearing off his or Spiriva himself. Most often this occurs because of unwillingness to pay for the removal of artificial nails.
Три мифа о вреде наращивания

A second statement says that the nails under the gel/acrylic not breathe. Actually, why do they need to breathe? All nutrients enter the nail in the field of cuticle. Those who once dominated, nails, I can safely say that after the building master lubricates the cuticle special oil. It also nourishes the nail. You can also drink the appropriate vitamins, then the nail exactly will receive adequate food.
And the third myth that dissolved the masters, in order to somehow attract clients: from acrylic or gel fungus develops, causing the fungus in almost all cases is the negligence of the master. Whether it is necessary to tell about compulsory treatment instruments in accordance with the sanitary standards?

We can conclude: a lot of rumors, but not everyone should believe.

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